We hosted PINK OCTOBER with exciting online fitness classes to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In commemorating this year’s Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Indonesia's largest fitness brands Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First today began a nationwide 4-day fitness event. The event, held as LIVE online program as social distancing safety measure remains activated, is a rallying call for everyone to increase their awareness about breast cancer and how to fight it by having good fitness as a lifestyle. 


Breast cancer is, according to Data Global Cancer Observatory announced by the World Health Organization (WHO), the most common form of cancer in Indonesia, with about 42 cases per 100,000 people and a death rate at 17 patients per 100,000 people. 

Multiple scientific kinds of research on the relationship between physical activity and breast cancer risk [1][2] have numerically concluded that physical activity lowers the risk of breast cancer. World-renowned medical oncologist like the affiliate scientist of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto (USA) Ellen Warner and colleagues concluded from 67 published studies [3] that thirty minutes of exercise 5x per week is all one needs to achieve a 40% reduction in breast cancer recurrence and death.

“Fighting against breast cancer with good fitness is not just scientifically proven to be impactful, but also practically sustainable to be adopted as a lifestyle. Deciding how much and what kind of exercise that fit our goals are clearly within our control, and today we are showcasing our brand of fun and high-performance fitness experience to get you motivated about living a fit, healthy lifestyle,” said Feni Soemitra Head of Marketing Celebrity Fitness Indonesia and Fitness First Indonesia.

By visiting link, participants can immediately join in the event and begin following workout classes from both Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First such as various yoga workouts (Hatha Yoga, Gentle Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga), cardio resistance-training Body Pump, cardio Mixed Martial Arts training Body Combat, modern ballet-inspired exercise Barre, music-driven dance class Body Jam, Latin dance workout Zumba, as well as a couple of signature classes like abs-drill dance class DNA (Dance ‘N’ Attitude) Core Motion, ¬¬clubbing disco dance class DNA Insanity, and circuit-training Fast Fit. 

Aside from workout programs, the online event also presents a LIVE talk show that discusses breast cancer and the positive impact of exercise. 

The discussion touched heavily on the benefits of exercise for breast cancer cases, which includes topics on how healthy weight loss as well as enhanced fitness abilities like physical agility, endurance, strength, and flexibility, can result in a stronger immunity. The show also explained how good workout routines can result in a positive mood and decreased stress level, both of which are very important mental strengths for active patients undergoing breast cancer treatment or cured individuals who are actively preventing breast cancer recurrence. 

The event also included a fundraising activity. “We are delighted to discover that many individuals are attracted to this event. Part of the paid class registration fees will go to local charity LovePink where they can be used properly to provide early breast cancer detection service and various group activities that support breast cancer patients.” shared Feni