Celebs, are you ready to take challenges and bring your fitness to a whole new level?

In #FearlessTogether campaign, we encouraged members to train with gym partners to make exercise more fun so they can stay motivated in committing to their exercise plan, whether that includes a fitness routine or learning new skills.

To make members’ interactions more exciting, we held a #FearlessTogether Members’ Challenge at all clubs in the month of February. Fellow members partnered up with each other to accomplish 40 kettlebell swings, 30 sit-ups, 20 kettlebell goblet squats and 10 burpees within 7 minutes. The challenges will grow more and more exciting each month.

We believe through this short experience, all participants have discovered that training together is more powerful, more effective and more sensational.


Check out these winners who have taken on our challenges and proven they are unstoppable when they are fearless together here


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