online independance party brings unity in indonesia's 75th independence day

We hosted IndepenDance event online to promote a safe home workout and to invite people to focus on workout during the lockdown.

Still facing pandemic lockdown status, Indonesian remains committed to the upcoming Independence Day celebration on 17 August 2020 with as much as enthusiasm as last year. 

Earlier today, hundreds of people participated in IndepenDance dance party to celebrate Indonesia’s 75th Independence Day. IndepenDance is a yearly event that is normally held by Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First at various entertainment hubs. This year, the event was held via online classes in an effort to promote workout while abiding with nationwide social distancing measures.

“Our theme this year is called Satu Indonesia or One Indonesia, which calls on everyone in this country to come together in honoring those who fought for our freedom by exercising one of the basic forms of freedom, which is the freedom to move. The nationwide lockdown has not given everyone much joy to smile for, or much space to move around, and we want to bring new energy to everyone at home with the upbeat vibe, fitness refreshment and safe social interaction that our online dance party embodies,” said Feni Soemitra, Marketing Head of Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First Indonesia. 

Led by both Celebrity Fitness Starmakers Instructors and Fitness First Certified Instructors, the all-day event featured signature workout performances from the two brands. Incorporated by various cardio movements, dance exercise not only brightens the mood but also offers many benefits, such as big calorie burn and enhanced fitness ability including increased agility, stamina, range of motion, memory, muscle coordination. 

IndepenDance showcased many exciting classes like the dance-by-song-parts session Love To Dance, as well as Dance ‘N’ Attitude (DNA) dance programs which include the burlesque-inspired DNA Seduce and core training drills with Top 40 tunes DNA Core Motion. 

The event also includes Zumba dance class, featuring dance fusion that combines Latin music and easy-to-follow moves with touches of salsa, samba, merengue, and mambo. 


“Joining Fitness First’s Love To Dance class has helped me improve my technique and to be able to practice some of those footsteps today is an energizing feeling that I very much need in my home lifestyle right now. My body feels stronger because of improvement in muscle coordination, range of movement, and stamina.” shared Hanna Fransiska, Fitness First member who frequented Love To Dance classes in the past.

“Having the opportunity to enjoy my favorites workouts DNA Seduce and Zumba online made me feel liberated and appreciative of the little freedom that I have during this lockdown. I am reminded of what Independence Day means and that the best way to celebrate is with positive mood, great health, and good company,” said Christine, a longtime Celebrity Fitness member.

Feni added. “Our team is constantly offering many online programs to encourage everyone to stay active with positive energy. Visit our online program Home Sweat Home at to enjoy many more exciting programs from both Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First.”