Track and Monitor Your Fitness Progress with My Trainer: The Newest Feature on the Celebrity Fitness Mobile App

Tracking and monitoring fitness progress is an important step of your ongoing success. With life’s frantic schedule, it’s easy to lose track of where you are and where you want to be regarding your fitness. To help you deal with this problem, Celebrity Fitness Indonesia have launched My Trainer on its own mobile app.


This sophisticated technology allows its users to track and monitor their fitness progress seamlessly through a smartphone. How can this feature help you advance your fitness progress and level up your fitness experience? Let’s find out!


Through the Assessment menu, Personal Trainers can perform a physical assessment to determine what exercise best suits your physical condition. The assessments will include body composition, posture evaluation and dynamics evaluation. With this assessment results, your workout can run safely.



This menu allows your Personal Trainers to get deep into your personal motivations, goals, and barriers of your fitness progress.


Workout Templates

Don’t know what workout you can do while on vacation? This feature on My Trainer can help you. This feature allows your Personal Trainers to create and send training programs to you anytime and anywhere. On the other side, you can modify the training program according to your fitness level.


Progress tracking

With this menu, you can record training progress such as the weight, duration, repetitions or sets of each training session. This is really useful if you want to determine your benchmarks in the next training. In addition, you can also share your accomplishment you achieved during your exercise to social media.


Time management

This menu can help you view your training history with your Personal Trainer. This menu can also help you determine when they will return and work out at Celebrity Fitness,