Celebrity Fitness Unveils Journey to Stardom Winners 2022

After their success the previous year, Celebrity Fitness Indonesia once again held Journey to Stardom, a body transformation contest. This event has been Celebrity Fitness's iconic competition since 2018, where members are competing to achieve their fitness goals using training programs from their own Personal Trainers.

This year, there were hundreds of Celebrity Fitness members from across the country participated in this hotly fought competition. All contestants have undergone 3-month training period with their respective Personal Trainers, from November 2021 to February 2022. The excitement was also seen among PTs as they must provide effective fitness programs for their members to win the competition. The assessment criteria for the body transformation contest namely the consistency of the participants in undergoing training for 3 months, the rate of weight loss or muscle mass increased during the training process and the concept of training made by the Personal Trainers.

After 3 months, Celebrity Fitness finally unveiled the winners of Journey to Stardom 2022. Let’s get closer to the winners!

Florence Meliawaty (51 years old, Doctor & Lecturer, Celebrity Fitness PVJ Bandung)

Her busy life as a dentist specializing in oral surgery and a lecturer at one of the universities in Bandung makes Florence need good posture and maintained health quality. For this reason, Florence exercised with Personal Trainer Adi and participated in Journey to Stardom 2022. Personal Trainer Adi revealed that Florence started her workout at 06.00 am for six times a week. Today, after participating in this competition, Florence feels fitter and appears more confident with a better posture.


Muhammad Mubarag (33 years old, Private Employee, Celebrity Fitness Plaza Indonesia)


Mubarag’s motivation for competing in Journey to Stardom is to change his lifestyle, to be fitter and healthier. He said that his busyness made him hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That is why he participated in Journey to Stardom with his Personal Trainer Ridzki. The 3 months training period had been a lesson for Mubarag as he learned how to manage his discipline to workout, maintain his diet, and workout regularly at Celebrity Fitness.


Erriane Retrayna W (35 years old, College Student, Celebrity Fitness Lippo Plaza Yogyakarta)


Rera started her fitness journey when she felt unconfident with her body composition. She decided to start working out with Personal Trainer Alan and participated in Journey to Stardom 2022. Undergoing 3 months of training with a targeted exercise program, Rera managed to reduce her body fat mass by 9% and get a proportional body shape. On the other hand, Personal Trainer Alan also helped the 35-year-old student to maintain her diet. As the result, Rera is now getting her desired body goal.


Win Wicaksana (26 years old, Entrepreneur, Celebrity Fitness Botani Square Bogor)


He had felt inferior because he was overweight, now Win has managed to appear healthier and more confident thanks to Reza's Personal Trainer training program. Also, Win's consistency in working out for 3 months helped him lose weight by up to 12 kilograms. Personal Trainer Reza has also successfully carried out his duties well to keep Win exercising safely, comfortably, and following the health protocols that apply at Celebrity Fitness Indonesia.


Eva Riawati (43 years old, Housewife, Celebrity Fitness Lotte Mall Bintaro)


This year’s Journey to Stardom was brightened up by the presence of a fit-mom member, Eva Riawati from Celebrity Fitness Lotte Mal Bintaro. The 43-years-old fit-mom was hoping to get the ideal body shape and top-notch fitness quality. For this reason, Personal Trainer Wahyu Hidayat helped Eva create a challenging and motivating exercise program for Eva who had never worked out in a gym before. After undergone 3 months training with Personal Trainer Wahyu, Eva now feels healthier, fitter, and more enthusiastic in carrying out her role as a fit mom.


Yolanda (32 years old. Self-employed, Celebrity Fitness Mall Puri Indah)


During 3 months training period, Yolanda had to overcome many challenges namely managing her diet, consistently exercising with Personal Trainer Alam, and being disciplined in living a healthy lifestyle. Personal Trainer Alam also had to face challenges, especially when his client experienced an injury outside her workout. The hard work for 3 months paid off as Yolanda achieves the body goal she desired.


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