Celebrity Fitness once again held Journey-To-Stardom, a hotly-fought fitness transformation contest that took place between May and July 2021. Journey-To-Stardom is Celebrity Fitness’ iconic program that inspires members to train for life-changing transformation and in turn increase the quality of their daily lifestyle. This event unveiled 6 amazing winners who have achieved their goals to look and feel sensational in a short period of time. Let’s get closer to our Journey-To-Stardom winners!

Madelyn Eliza Anakotta

In the middle of her packed schedule as Human Resource at one of Indonesia’s largest start-up company, she managed to get her ideal body weight by taking part in Celebrity Fitness’ Journey-To-Stardom 2021. “My motivation for participating in this event was to challenge myself and improve my well-being to prevent disease, especially in the middle of the pandemic,” she shared. With her hard work and consistency during the 3 months training period, she accomplished her desired body goal and lost 10% of her body fat.


Made Widhia Laksamana


No different to Madelyn, Made’s goal to compete in Journey-To-Stardom 2021 was to increase his healthy lifestyle and achieve his ideal body shape. Recovering from a certain disease, he gained up to 158 kilograms. This became his motivation in Journey-To-Stardom 2021. “I want to encourage myself to live a healthy lifestyle,” he shared during the interview. With the help and support from his Personal Trainer, Randy, the 27 year-old doctor managed to cut off 11,6% of his body fat only in 13 weeks. “I hope that I can keep up with this lifestyle, so I can improve my health and confidence,” he added.


Deviani Angela


Deviani Angela, a fit-and-fabulous mom from Semarang, Central Java, has successfully achieved her desired body goal by training and taking part in Journey-To-Stardom. Her dedication to stick with a healthy lifestyle brought her to lose 11,3% body fat. During the interview, she shared her experience during her training period which required her to switch her favorite food to healthy nutriments. “Maintaining the food that I consumed to get this result is the hardest part of the journey. I have to side-step those fries and eat healthy and balanced food.” She recalled.


Edi Saktia

His business trips and tight schedules were not stopping him to look and feel sensational in our club. Edi Saktia, a 32 year-old entrepreneur admits that he needs a good stamina to always keep up with the work he handled. “My job requires me to travel a lot, therefore I need to keep my health at top-notch condition,” he stated. Joining our Journey-To-Stardom competition has successfully increased his fitness level as he managed to lose weight and cut off 12,6 body fat percentage, making this a highlight of his fitness journey in 2021.


Inggrit Natali


Deviani isn’t the only fit-and-fabulous mom that competed in our Journey-To-Stardom 2021. Inggrit Natali, a 41 year-old housewife from Celebrity Fitness Teraskota is our inspiration to stay in a healthy and active lifestyle. “I have two key motivations to stay up with my healthy lifestyle. First, I want to increase my immune system during the pandemic. Second, I want to boost my confidence and look sensational at my age today,” she shared. In her age right now, she succeeded in achieving an impressive accomplishment which was reducing 12,3% of her body fat only in 3 months.


Kristian Peranginangin


Lastly, we have Kristian. At the age of 51 years old, Kristian is the oldest participant in Journey-To-Stardom 2021. Although, it’s not a burden for him to achieve his health accomplishment. He managed to gain muscles and lose 10 percent of his fat mass during this competition. Furthermore, he said that this event helped him get used to a healthy habit and workout routine.


These 6 winners defeated more than 1.000 other contestants from Celebrity Fitness all across Indonesia. As a rewards for their hard work and dedication during this event, all winners and personal trainers that participated in this Journey-To-Stardom were presented with prizes of Rp7.500.000 for each Celebrity Fitness member and Rp3.500.000 for their personal trainers.


Binda Abdillah, Marketing and Partnership Manager of Celebrity Fitness, said that this event and all of its winners can be our motivation to always pursue our dreams even in the darkest of times. “Don’t make this pandemic as an excuse to skip your workout. Instead, this is the best time to improve your immune system by implementing a healthy lifestyle,” he suggested.