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amazing achievement of journey to stardom winner burns 16% body fat in 16 weeks

Celebrity Fitness raised the bar on 2nd member transformation contest.

After 16 weeks of training, Andrian Matthew, 26 years old, is looking sensational. The fact that he has cut 16% body fat with 12 kg off his weight highlight why he is easily gleaming with smiles nowadays. “Joining Journey-To-Stardom has been the best decision in my life so far, and I am still shocked by how I go from wearing extra-large clothes to medium sized.” he shared.

Matthew is just one of 10 winners in the hotly-fought Journey-To-Stardom fitness contest that took place between 1 April and 20 July 2019. The annually held contest, rolled out for the second time after its grand launching in 2018, is an initiative by Indonesia’s largest fitness chain Celebrity Fitness to ignite enthusiasm towards healthy living through life-changing transformation, starting from getting fit to looking and feeling sensational. It concluded with an award night today at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta.

 “We are impressed by the growth in the number of participants, which has increased by about 50% since our first contest last year. We launched Journey-To-Stardom program to get members excited about fitness, and we are thrilled that the level of motivation and competitiveness in this year’s contest has been phenomenal, not only from the turnout but also from the quality of the transformation. Clearly, the bar has been raised.” said David Prosser, Managing Director of Celebrity Fitness Indonesia. 


More than 670 members from Celebrity Fitness’s 33 clubs in Indonesia joined the contest. Each contestant must firstly get their body fat percentage as well as weight data measured, after which they will enrol in at least 24 Personal Training sessions and team up with a StarMaker Trainer to pursue their dream transformations. 

Using their experience, StarMaker Trainers will deploy strategic training combinations that aim to help members’ training sessions stay fun and productive. The training regimen focused on cardio drills, building upper-body muscles through weightlifting, and core-shaping functional training methods.

Matthew recalled, “My trainer, Kasnarul Arifin, has to be one of the best around. His endless cheer-leading keeps my workout fun and I was always motivated to train a little harder. Arifin taught me many new and effective training techniques, and this gave me confidence to set my target higher in every session. I was quickly addicted to both RPM and abdominal workout, and I began to increase my training sessions to 6 days every week.”

Arifin, like other StarMaker Trainers, also help manage contestant’s diet intake. He gave Matthew insights on how various components in widely-consumed food items affect energy production in the body, and he pressed on the importance on tailoring diet that matches the needs of each individual to help the body stay lean and energized. He said, “Everyone body’s structure requires different combinations of nutrients and in the case of Matthew who prioritizes losing fat and stay lean, he should balance his consumption of low-fat, high-protein food as well as fruits and vegetables.

Matthew also said, “Winning the contest is really icing on the cake for me, because this journey itself has already given me so much inspiration and taught me how to stay motivated during the most challenging period. Not hitting the target on some occasion actually give me opportunity to redefine my approach and thanks to my trainer who have supported me every step of the way, I finally succeeded in reducing 16% of my body fat. Today, I am more upbeat and ready than ever to set my target higher, both in training and in life.”


With the bar raised, it is only fitting that winners get bigger rewards, starting from a fantastic FREE holiday trip to world’s premier city of Shanghai, where they get a chance to visit the famous Shanghai’s Disney Resort. The winners also received prizes from iconic brands like Great Eastern Life Insurance and PUMA sports fashion. 
Enthusiastic about the future, Mr Prosser said, “Congratulations to the winners and also all the participants, we are happy to give fantastic prizes for your hard work and determination, but the real reward should be the journey itself. All contestants have gone through the thrills, obstacles and victories in their own way, and we are positive this experience has transformed them to become a happier and healthier version of themselves. We look forward to an even bigger crowd in our 3rd Journey-To-Stardom event next year.”

See the full excitement of #JourneyToStardom2019 Winner Announcement Gala Dinner on YouTube.


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