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Independance party 2019 

Celebrity Fitness, Indonesia’s largest fitness chain and dance-focused fitness pioneer, held its annual dance party INDEPENDANCE at hangout hotspot Gandaria City Mall on Wednesday, 7 August 2019. 

This exciting dance event is often regarded as Jakarta’s blockbuster gathering of dance enthusiasts, welcomed dance professionals and beginners alike to explore new boundaries in their dancing experience. The party also celebrates the upcoming anniversary of Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day.

“This party easily reminds us of what it means to be free, especially since Independence Day is coming up in a week. At Celebrity Fitness we like to celebrate it our way, and that is by unleashing the energy within our members with a full-on, unlimited amount of dancing. From awesome music selections to cool dance moves, we are bringing our brand of fun Signature dance experience straight to the people.” said David Prosser, Country Manager of Celebrity Fitness.

At the Piazza Hall, Celebrity Fitness StarMakers Instructors kicked off the party with DNA Core Motion, a high-intensity dance class from Celebrity Fitness suite of signature dance program DNA (Dance ‘N’ Attitude). Core Motion is a fun dance theme that focuses on core-training with beats from Top 40 tunes. The StarMakers also showcased another performance in DNA Insanity, a hot clubbing theme that mixes modern pop dance moves.

To ignite even more enthusiasm, Celebrity Fitness teamed up with Fitness First Indonesia to bring Love to Dance to the members. Love to Dance is a dance workout program that breaks down full song choreograph into parts and creates dance moves for each part. This program is perfect for beginners because the shorter dance sequence and enjoyable tunes help them remember dance moves easier and build up confidence.

 “Putting up Love to Dance performance on our INDEPENDANCE party is a fantastic way for both Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First Indonesia to collaborate and give more options to dance enthusiasts. From Celebrity Fitness signature DNA programs like Core Motion, Insanity, Flavor, Raw and Seduce, to Fitness First Indonesia Love to Dance class, members from both brands can now enjoy more dance classes and learn new technique.” shared Prosser, who is also the Country Manager of Fitness First Indonesia.

Prosser added, “Dance workout is such a great way to get fit because it helps us burn a lot of calories and increase our agility, body balance, core strength, endurance, as well as coordination levels. If you are ready to begin your adventure in our dance program, talk to our trainers, they will help you explore new boundaries and experience the freedom in dance moves you have never felt before.

For more information, please reach our customer service at any of our club and stay updated with our current events & promos on Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First Instagram page.