Superstar instructors turbocharge home workout experience

We hosted Les Mills World United online class marathon for 10 hours.

The recent launch of online fitness platforms in Indonesia has brought new energy to home workout in this period of Covid-19 lockdown, and on Saturday 19 September 2020, local fitness enthusiasts have another reason to smile about as the iconic Les Mills World United fitness marathon currently celebrated worldwide is taking presence in the country.

The 10-hour group workout event, hosted by Indonesia’s premier fitness operators Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First through its online platform Home Sweat Home, is a rallying call for more people to exercise at home and has attracted big responses since announced.

“Home Sweat Home is the right solution for fitness enthusiasts who have started exercising at home because they cannot visit the gym or go for outdoor exercise because of the current lockdown. By offering workout guidance through fun fitness movements, exciting music rhythms, and certified instructors, we encourage the public to continue to live healthily. Around one thousand three hundred people registered before today’s event began, and judging by the response today, we believe that the number will continue to increase in the future”, said Triesca Arisandy, Head of Fitness from Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First.

Suitable for all ages, the event sparked enthusiasm not only from fitness enthusiasts who have frequently exercised at the local fitness club, but also from beginners whose fitness level were not yet optimal

Featured dance programs like Sh’Bam (simple dance moves to interchange high-intensity repertoire and muscle recovery session), Body Jam (cardo-driven dance theme), and Barre (ballet-inspired training for muscle toning) serve up easy-to-follow body movements and upbeat tunes from world top-charting songs.

The event also pumped in a lot of excitement from self-defense classes like the popular Body Combat (fusion of mixed martial arts workout), Body Pump (fast-paced weight training), as well as Body Attack (high-energy sports conditioning, athletic training drill). Participants were treated to sessions of running, kicking, lunging, step-curling, jumping, resistance-training, and many more workout moves that focus on building core strength, agility, and endurance.

For anyone who wants to slow down the tempo, the event also rolls out yoga-based class Body Balance, which offers a harmonious blend of posture and muscle balance training exercises, helping participants improve their flexibility.

Triesca added, “With our superstar instructors ready to guide your fitness journey with our Home Sweat Home not just in today’s event but also on other exciting fitness experience like our signature programs DNA (Dance ‘N’ Attitude) dance class, Fast Fit circuit training drills, Playground session and many more, there is no reason to not begin exercising today and build yourself a strong immunity.” 

Home Sweat Home can be accessed online at The platform offers 22 LIVE classes every week during which participants can interact live with the instructors for guidance on workout moves as well as nutritional diet intake.