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Enhance your mobility with animal flow

See how the first time Celebrity Fitness introduces Animal Flow in Indonesia

JAKARTA, THURSDAY 29 AUGUST 2019 - In keeping with its brand promise to bring sensational fitness experiences to members every time, Celebrity Fitness Indonesia introduced Animal Flow at its club in Gandaria City Mall, South Jakarta on Thursday, 29 August 2019. The new fitness class will teach members how to explore their body’s range of mobility through multiple series of animal-inspired poses and movements. Animal Flow will soon be available at other Celebrity Fitness clubs in Indonesia including FX Sudirman, PIK Avenue, Gandaria, Margo City and Living World. 

“Animal Flow has become increasingly popular since its introduction by creator Mike Fitch several years ago, and we are thrilled to be the first to introduce it in Indonesia. A ground-based, bodyweight-only movement system that mimics various animal movements and draws inspiration from the natural environment, Animal Flow is a fun and unique approach to improving overall fitness which we feel that members will really enjoy,” shared David Prosser, Country Manager of Celebrity Fitness Indonesia.

Animal Flow incorporates a wide range of exercises and movement combinations that are grouped into six components, all of which can be mixed and matched in different ways to improve mobility, strength, endurance, and power. The components of Animal Flow can be used as a standalone routine to improve overall fitness, or used to complement other training programmes. 


Triesca Arisandy, Fitness Development Manager at Celebrity Fitness Indonesia explained, “There are three basic animal forms in Animal Flow – the Ape, Beast, and Crab. These are also known as the ABCs of Animal Flow, because all movements and transitions stem from these three positions. Animal Flow can help to improve a person’s movement capacity, as the main goal of the class is to move seamlessly between these animal positions.” 


“The human body is designed to move, so regardless of fitness level or goal, anyone will be able to participate in an Animal Flow class. Whether it’s to get lean or build muscle, Animal Flow will help you become more aware of your own body’s movement, breathing technique, and coordination, all of which will enable you to do better in other types of sports or physical activities.”

For more information on Animal Flow and other classes available at Celebrity Fitness Indonesia, please contact our customer service at any club or visit our Instagram to catch up with our current events here.