Celeb's Smashing Story - Mona Kristanti

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celeb's smashing story - mona kristanti

Mona Kristanti is one of Celebrity Fitness’s many success stories. Inspired to getting fit and looking good, Mona became a member of Celebrity Fitness Solo Paragon in December 2016, and she successfully lost 13 kg and 7.2% fat within just 6 months of training.


Name: Mona Kristanti
Age: 37
Club: Solo Paragon

”Joining the Personal Training experience is still the best highlight of my fitness journey at Celebrity Fitness. My trainer Tanadi Harison is a talented trainer who knows how to make my workout fun and interesting. We focus on cardio, HIIT and functional trainings. He also gave me tips on eating the right way so I am always in the best shape to train properly.” she recalled.


Mona praised her trainer for being patient when she needs him the most. “Tanadi always reminded me that learning the right way is more important than doing it quickly, and this allows me to build confidence without fearing that I missed my target. Once the confidence is there, everything is much easier.”

With the newfound confidence and supporting trainer, Mona achieved her goals and has since looked more sensational than ever. Her increased body balance, endurance and concentration have given her a lot of reason to smile about. She even managed to win Celebrity Fitness’s Shape Up for Summer fitness transformation contest. 

Today, Mona is more motivated than ever to do well in her career as an entrepreneur. She is also thrilled her enhanced fitness ability allows her to enjoy her travelling hobby. Her success recipe, as she claimed, is just like her motto in life; ‘be confident and anything is possible.”

Mona Kristanti before (left) and after (right) photos. She managed to lose 13 kg and 7.2% body fat in only 6 months.


Personal Trainer Profile

Name: Tanadi Harison
Level: Master Coach


Tanadi Harison, the Celebrity Fitness’s trainer who specializes in Fitness and Weight Loss program, is a top-performing talent who has received multiple certifications such as NASM, Tatsujin, Barefoot Specialist Lvl 1 & 2, Rehab Trainer & FX, Sandbell, TRX, ViPR, AMSMR. The Master Coach rated Personal Trainer also received the prestigious Extra Miles Achievement and 3x Top Personal Trainer awards in the Celebrity Fitness’s Paragon Club in Solo. 

Tanadi has a simple success recipe for members; set a goal, respect the body, be consistent and determined. This recipe, together with the ability to custom good training sessions have enabled Tanadi to help more than 150 members achieve big transformations to become a better version of themselves. 

Tanadi’s motto in life is ‘it is never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream’ and he is living his dream in a fun, active way, by enjoying fitness training 3 times a week and having fun with his hobby in photography during his free time. 

Tanadi Harison
Celebrity Fitness Master Coach Personal Trainer
Solo Paragon

-Fat loss
-Muscle gain
-Flexibility & Balance
-Core training