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celeb's smashing story - meilia anggraeni

1. Name : Meilia Anggraeni
2. Before : 82 kg
3. After : 60 kg

Prioritizing Fitness as A Busy Mom

As a super mom who juggles many activities during the day, 31-year-old Meilia Anggraeni does not have much spare time for exercise. But between taking care of her young child and fulfilling a career as a make-up artist, Meilia understands that her physically-draining lifestyle requires her to be fit all the time. She decided to join Celebrity Fitness Margo City in April 2019 with one goal, which is to get fit.

Meilia was in for a surprise when she found out that the club is more than just a place to get fit. “CF Margo City is not just a gym facility. This is a full-mode workout community with fun ambiance, very supportive trainers, friendly staffs and great service.

“Despite having a fitness goal, I didn’t know how to use gym equipment or how to exercise with the correct techniques. That’s why I decided to join Personal Training sessions to guide me” she said. To expedite her training progress, Meilia worked together with her personal trainer Nurul Samawati. In a mere 4-5 months, she has gone from 82 kg to 60 kg body weight, a 22-kg or almost 30% drop in less than 150 days! An impressive achievement, and even more so for someone who barely has time to exercise.

Meilia shared, “I’m very appreciative of the guidance my Personal Trainer has given me. Nurul set up a workout plan that helps me transition smoothly from my starting fitness to the next level. She also cleverly arranged our training time to match my busy schedule as well as giving me constant reminder to eat healthy with a balanced diet.

Beside her Personal Training routine, Meilia also explored Group Fitness classes and found her favorite classes. She often join Body pump and weight-training to build her muscle mass, body combat for her dose of cardio and Body Jam to channel her dancing urge as a professional dancer.

I could not believe I achieve transformation in such a short time. My friends could not believe I look much younger than before.” She said.

Now with her newfound fitness, Meilia is ready to be more productive for her child, her career and most importantly for herself to feel energetic and healthy. “Being Healthy is very important and cannot be bought. Motivate yourself to be persistent and don’t give up easily because nothing is instant, all these requires process and hard work. Health is your greatest wealth”, shared Meilia for those who wants to start their fitness journey.

Personal Trainer Profile:
Nama : Nurul Samawati
Position : Personal Trainer
Grading : Advance Celeb Coach
Phone : 08119523235

- Personal Trainer for 6 years
- Weight Loss
- Muscle Gain
- Strength and Toning
- Prenatal & Postnatal (Graduate of Midwifery Academy)

Qualifications/ Certification:
- Bosu
- CPT Level 1
- ViPR
- Equalizer
- Dynamax