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celeb's smashing story - jessica laetitia

Jessica Laetitia is one of Celebrity Fitness’s many success stories. Inspired to getting fit and looking good, she became a member of Celebrity Fitness Lippo Sunset Bali and she successfully lost over 20 kg in only 5 months of training.

Name: Jessica Laetitia
Age: 41
Club: Lippo Sunset Bali

Before: 80 kg
After: 59 kg

Jessica Laetitia has been wanting to get back in shape since she became a parent. Weighing over 80 kg while standing 160 cm tall at the time made her realize that she is a long way from being healthy, so she decided to take up Personal Training sessions and train seriously at Celebrity Fitness Sunset Mall in Bali. “All I want is to go back to my body size before I have kids. Now that I have kids, I want to be healthier and have more energy to play with them”.

There is no shortcut to losing weight, and being consistent with training is easier said than done for the 41-year old housewife and mom. It was especially hard when it comes to her diet. But Jessica found an endless source of motivation in her desire to be strong and able for her young family. 

With a lot of dedication and guidance from her personal trainer Jay Zainudin, Jessica starts to train properly as well as practicing to eat clean food as part of her lifestyle, quickly progressed from doing a light cardio workout to a more intense one, and from simple weight lifting moves to advanced strength-training session. She also became interested in group workout classes like Body Pump, which she actively participated in. 

40 Personal Training sessions later, Jessica managed to lose over 20 kg of her weight while gaining muscle mass and improving overall strength as well as raising her confidence level. She said, “Thanks to Celebrity Fitness that have a complete full range of equipment and my trainer, Jay, I went from over 80 kg to 59 kg in just 5 months. I feel fabulous and so happy to receive a lot of compliments from my transformation. Being ready to always give all kinds of support to my family is the most satisfying feeling of my life.” 

Jessica Laetitia after (left) and before (right) photos. She managed to lose over 20 kg in only 5 months.


Personal Trainer Profile

Name: M. Zainuddin
Level: Advanced Coach

-Muscle Gain
-Fat Loss
-Weight Loss
-Circuit Training
-Strength and Toning