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celeb's smashing story - Inez alkourni

Inez managed to lose 15 kg with 90 persistence day with our online classes, HOME SWEAT HOME.

Name: Inez Alkourni
Age: 25
Before: 85 kg
After: 70 kg

A few months ago, Inez Alkourni, 25 years old, was going to embark on a fitness journey at Celebrity Fitness clubs before the pandemic hit the country. When the lockdown began and the gym was closed, she found herself deprived of workout ideas.

Inez decided that if she could not exercise at Celebrity Fitness clubs, the next best thing is to go for its popular online program Home Sweat Home. Immediately, she set her eyes on various dance classes.

Inez was stunned by how much fun she experienced from participating in online classes like cardio-drill Energy Aerobics, abs workout DNA Core Motion, and Latin dance fusion Zumba. The high intensity, constant sweating, and energy release gave her the physical satisfaction she did not believe can happen outside a gym studio.

“Recreating gym experience at home is just not possible, but Home Sweat Home program did a really good job substituting it through a webinar. In addition to the ability to access various dance programs anytime, the platform allows us to interact directly with the instructors via chat box, where we can have a LIVE discussion about workout techniques as well as healthy diet habits,” she said.  

Inez Alkourni before (left) and after (right) photos. She managed to 15 kg with 90 days of HOME SWEAT HOME.



A full dance class session can help burn many calories and Inez was doing at least 1 class every day. It is little wonder that in less than 3 months, she succeeded in losing 15 kg body weight to go from 85 kg to 70 kg. She admitted that her thigh has shrunk and toned significantly, while her body was increasing in strength, endurance, and flexibility every day. 

As a journalist and avid traveler where constant body movements are always needed, Inez is delighted that she is now more agile, refreshed, and confident than ever to perform her daily activities. She feels secure that her immune system is strong and ready to fight through the pandemic.

Inez shared her success tip, “The most important thing I learned my journey is that all transformations are possible as long as we persevere at the most challenging times. If I can achieve this much during the lockdown period, anyone can too.” 


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