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celeb's smashing story - edwin surya p.

Clocking in a weight loss of 15 kg in about 2 months, 26-year old Edwin, a Celebrity Fitness member is successfully proving to everyone that getting fit can be quick.

Name: Edwin Surya P.
Age: 26
Before: 96 kg
After: 81 kg

Like most people, Edwin who was working as an executive producer has to pause many of his activities during the recent pandemic lockdown. Most of his routines from, watching movies in the theatre and playing basketball, to frequently visiting Celebrity Fitness gym, was stopped as he has to contend staying home with not much option except his sedentary work-from-home activity in addition to doing light exercises and cooking his own meal. 

Edwin decided to join Home Sweat Home online workout program to sweeten his home workout and at the same time, his stay-at-home experience. Truth be told, it did not disappoint. 

Participating in online group workout classes like Body Combat and Body Pump, Edwin immediately was reminded of the good old feeling in his previous onsite gym experience before the lockdown. He said, “Nothing can replace the joy of working out at the gym, but Home Sweat Home really helps me to trigger back the excitement and energy I was having before inside the gym’s workout studios. Despite interacting online, both the music and instructors were empowering me all the time to step up my workout intensity and push for better fitness milestones.”


Edwin before (left) and after (right) photos. He managed to lose 15 kg with 60 days of HOME SWEAT HOME.



Edwin also highlights the biggest challenge of his fitness journey. “I am a foodie and my biggest challenge in getting fit is clearly in managing my food intake in terms of both food types and intake proportions. I started to cook my own food with a healthier choice. It was not easy at first, but by setting a small goal I was able to see immediate results and motivate myself to continue the pursuit.”

Following his transformation, Edwin not only succeeded in achieving major weight loss but also managed to boost his core strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, and self-confidence. He shared his wisdom, “I have learned during this lockdown that good health is a luxury, and obesity from inactivity is a threat to good health. My advice to people out there is that it is never too late to start exercising no matter how difficult it is. Remember, good health is worth paying for.”