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celeb's smashing story - DIAH WURI HANDAYANI

Nowadays, 53 years old Diah Wuri Handayani feels much healthier and fitter than ever. Fresh off her successful weight loss transformation from 68 kg to 49.5kg, Diah is now slimmer and for the first time in her life she feels her body has gained muscles. Having gone from L to S sized clothing, she is easily brimming with the confidence of a star.

Name: Diah Wuri Handayani
Age: 53
Club: Artha Gading

Before: 68 kg
After: 49.5 kg

Her initial motivation to join Celebrity Fitness was simply to lose weight by joining in Group Fitness Class. She had no intention to join the Personal Training program because she thinks the price was expensive. Luckily, there was a promotional deal offering 3 Free Personal Training sessions for the new members. She decided to try out and with the encouragement of Artha Gading club’s then Fitness Manager, Diah decided to sign up for 40 PT sessions. 

The result is significant. She started to lose her weight progressively that she decided to purchase and add more PT sessions.

Guided by her Personal Trainer, Chandra Karundeng, Diah succeded in decreasing her weight all the way to her goal. With Chandra’s support, Diah joined our Fat Loss Competition: Journey To Stardom 2019 and thrive as one of the winners. 

Diah believes that the key to success rests with commitment, discipline, and consistency. She also feels that the role of a Personal Trainer is very crucial. “Chandra always make sure I train frequently, with a lot of variety and style that constantly pushed my boundaries”.

“I truly appreciate the commitments of my trainer. Chandra was very patient and strict in monitoring my workout regimen and schedule. I was making many mistakes at first, but before long I began to easily practice with the right moves. Chandra always encourages me to challenge my limits. Even at 53 years old, I am still taking up a boxing class with him. Aside from that, I also took up yoga to improve my flexibility. Now yoga is my second favorite workout if I am not working out in my Personal Training session.” Diah shared.

Diah credited the dedications from her trainers and Celebrity Fitness for offering an upbeat, fun, and motivating environment for her fitness journey. The regular fitness competitions held by the club really inspired her to push to the limit.
Following her own transformation, Diah is motivated to share her success tips to those who wish to follow her footsteps. 
she said “My biggest challenges were lack of time and improper diet. For me, this transformation is a long journey and it is normal to feel like giving up sometimes. However, if we want to get to the finish line, we must always remember the main goal that we set for ourselves on day one. Stay disciplined, committed, consistent and you will see the result eventually. Transformation can happen, even at my age. My favorite quote is: Age is only a number”. 

Diah Wuri Handayani after (left) and before (right) photos. She managed having gone from L to S size clothing and achieved better general body health.


Personal Trainer Profile


Name: Chandra Kaunang
Level: Pro Coach
Experience: Personal Trainer for 20 years


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Women Self-Defense


Muay Thai for Fitness

Strength and Conditioning

Weight Loss

Muscle Gain


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