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celeb's smashing story - arteta fitria

Arteta Fitria, a 39-year-old nutrition consultant, joined Celebrity Fitness Personal Training program in September 2017 and is thrilled with her transformation. 

Name: Arteta Fitria
Age: 39
Club: Lotte Mall Bintaro

With her stunning new look and a burst of confidence, she recalls her journey, “Joining Personal Training program at Celebrity Fitness has been a rewarding decision for me. I was a member at the Lotte Mart Bintaro club, always wanted to be lean but not really sure how to use the equipment, so I moved to set my workout under the guidance of Starmaker Rio Nazli. At my 6th month of training, I manage to lose about 22 kg while my body is getting leaner, and I was very happy.” said Fitria.

She added, “Rio is a very sharp trainer who quickly learned about my strength and weaknesses after our first session. While he always gave me tough training routine, Rio is very light-hearted and he makes my workout experience feels a lot more fun. Without his persistent motivation, I would not have achieved my goals in such a short time”.

Following her transformation, Fitria is now more motivated than ever to maintain her healthy lifestyle by training in the gym regularly. “I love going to Celebrity Fitness for my routine workout because the gym is clean and cozy. I feel comfortable with the friendly staff and have met a lot of friends there”. Besides exercising in the gym, she also play her favorite sports which are badminton, basketball and tennis. She loves to cook and is now driven to eat healthy all the time.  

“I am in great shape right now and this positive feeling inspires me to continue to be consistent in my training. I never forget that my biggest challenge was to stay motivated and focused in every training session. For anyone who wants to be successful in this program, my advice is they need to train at least 3 times a week. Do not give up because success may just be 1 session away”. 


Arteta Fitria before (left) and after (right) photos. She managed to lose 22 kg in only 6 months.


Personal Trainer Profile

Name: Rio Nazli
Level: Advanced


Rio Nazli is a highly-skilled Celebrity Fitness StarMaker who has received certification in various fitness programs from Pilates, TRX, MMA Tatsujin, Equalizer, Barefoot Level 1&2, First Aid and Module 1 among others. Specializing in wide range of training technique such as weight loss, lean muscle, muscle gain, core strength, flexibility and shaping, Rio has successfully transformed the fitness levels of more than 120 members.

 “Watching members undergo big transformation is the most rewarding part of my job. Starting a fitness journey is not the easiest thing to do and being consistent in our training schedule is more difficult.” said Rio. 

He added, “Miss Fitria was so energized to begin training and within a few sessions became less eager to carry out my workout guidelines. I told her that great progress is always one training session away, then we work out a proper eating diet and set up 4 sessions of workouts every week. She reached her weight loss goal in just 6 months and I am so happy for her.”

After working in Celebrity Fitness for 7 years, it is no surprise Rio becomes as driven as one of the brand’s slogan #everydayIGetBetter. Rio aims to train many more members and help them get better in their fitness lifestyle. He is also committed to improve his game on his favorite sport basketball and train harder in the gym to reach even higher fitness level. He shared, ”It is common knowledge that to achieve transformation, members must be consistent in training, discipline in their eating diet and punctual in their resting time. Both the two most important factors, in my view, are still their determination level and mental focus to reach the finish line.”


Rio Nazli
Celebrity Fitness Advanced Personal Trainer
Lotte Mall Bintaro

-Fat loss
-Muscle gain
-MMA Boxing
-Flexibility & Balance
-Core training