Join Social media challenges to stay active

And get a chance to win exciting prizes from Celebrity Fitness!

Staying home during lockdown can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be. 

In our Social Media Online Challenges, we called on everyone (both members and non-members) to join fitness photo and/or video contest where you can inspire friends to get sweaty and healthy.

So far, we have hosted 2 past challenges,Create Your Own Move And Challenge A Friend&Stay Fit Post Challenge. Our newest challenge is Me & Me Now Photo Challenge, where participants upload their side-by-side photos of their then & now photos. This challenge was held between 1-5 June 2020. 

To become a participant, individuals must visit Instagram and post their photo with mandatory hashtags: #CelebrityFitnessHomeWorkoutChallengeID,#FitnessFirstHomeWorkoutChallengeID, #MeAndMeNowChallenge. They must tag and challenge 5 friends to do the same pose as theirs, and they must create positive, and inspirational captions.


Contestants with the most inspiring post will be selected as the winners and entitled to win exclusive merchandise. Stay tuned on our social media channels, Instagram, and Facebook to expect more exciting social media challenges from us!