Celebrity Fitness kuningan city opening signal optimism towards fitness industry outlook

In an effort to rebuild enthusiasm among local communities towards fitness following the recent pandemic, Indonesia’s largest fitness chain Celebrity Fitness is launching a new club in Kuningan City Mall on Tuesday, 2 February 2021. The new mega gym, located at the prestigious Golden Triangle area at Jakarta Central Business District, signals Celebrity Fitness’s optimism towards fitness industry outlook.

“I am delighted to unveil our new Kuningan City club today. Despite last year’s nationwide economic downturn, we are confident that interest in gym workout remains high, which is why we took over this strategic location that previously housed Jatomi Fitness. With significant upgrades like new membership offering and club safety protocol, our new Kuningan City club is setting the high standard needed to bring back members’ confidence to the fitness industry.” said David Prosser, Managing Director of Celebrity Indonesia.

On offer to members is a new membership plan offering called My Style. With built-in flexibility on programs and pricing options, the new offering let members build personalized training regimen by selecting training style that best suits their own preferences. Members only pay for facilities they use and thus get the maximum value for their membership.

For example, members can opt for Basic Package that grants them general club access so they can work out on their own. Members can also add ‘optional extras’ that unlock access to any group workout like Cycling, Yoga, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). For the ultimate experience, members can select the Unlimited Group Classes plan that allows to join any group workout class at any time for any number of sessions.

This helps members get more focused on their fitness goals, especially in the new club’s massive 2,000 m2 of space where there are plenty of workout options.

One option is to experience a signature circuit-training program Fast Fit at The Playground zone that housed variety of multifunctional equipment. This zone also offers perfect personal training area for members who is going for a customized training session with Celebrity Fitness Starmaker personal trainer. Alongside the Playground, a new boxing zone hosts another signature class called Strike for members who like boxing workout.

A big spread of Weight-Training and Cardio Area training zone awaits those who want to get their strength or stamina up at their own pace. This zone offers long arrays of squat racks, benches, dumbbells and treadmills among others, lowering the chance of overcrowding so members can always get uninterrupted, high-impact workout sessions.

Atop the impressive features is the huge 317 m2 Main Studio. The largest workout studio in all of Jakarta’s Mega Kuningan Golden Triangle districts, this studio can fit 80-100 people for various dance classes from Celebrity Fitness’s signature suite DNA (Dance ‘N’ Attitude) as well as other exciting group classes like Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Jam and many more.

An equally-impressive Cycling Studio stands a few seconds away from the Main Studio. The studio houses 32 brand new advanced indoor bikes and offers a beautiful front view of Mega Kuningan Golden Triangle that gives an energized vibe to members who are enjoying a Peloton cycling class.

Besides offering personalized membership plan, the new upgrades include enhanced safety protocol, a procedures that remains top priority in the minds of most people following the recent pandemic.

From strict body temperature checks and health declaration clearance at club entry point, increased sanitation frequency, increased supplies of disinfectant throughout the club, in addition to safe equipment spacing, installation of marked signages to help enforce social distancing between visitors, and the use of mobile app booking to maintain club’s capacity at a safe threshold, the new protocol is here to make sure every corner of the club is clean and safe.

“The optimism towards fitness industry is not just visible from our commitment to launch mega gym today. Public demand for good fitness and immunity has never been higher as a result of the recent global health crisis. Various scientific studies show that regular exercise makes us stronger and more resilient as well as helps to prevent risk factors like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases – in the event of a virus infection, those in good general health are far less vulnerable to complications”, he said.

A research study led Dr. Harpal S. Buttar, senior scientist at Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at University of Ottawa - Canada, concluded that regular moderate physical activity of approximately 30 minutes/day has highly beneficial effects in lowering blood pressure and coagulation [1]. Lower blood pressure lowers risk of heart attack, and lower blood coagulation level lowers risk of diabetes.

A national study carried out during the height of pandemic last year between May 1st and August 6th 2020, by IHRSA (The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) and MXM, a technology company has analyzed 2,873 gyms, sports clubs and boutique fitness centers with a nearly 50 million check-ins over the course of three months, found that a nominal of 0.0023 percent visitors tested positive for Covid-19 [2].

“Despite the pandemic, there is much evidence that gyms are indeed quite safe places to be at.” added Prosser.


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