CELEBRITY FITNESS DANCE CAMP 2019 Invites international dance artists

Dance Camp lined up 3 Signature Dance Classes Dance 'N' Attitude (DNA) workshops led by 3 iconic dance superstars: NICOLE KIRKLAND, BRIAN PUSPOS, DUC ANH TRAN "DÜKI"

Celebrity Fitness Indonesia, held its first ever Dance Camp at Jakarta’s entertainment hotspot Livespace Hall @ Lot 8, SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District), Saturday 12 October 2019. The event sparks a new motivation and experience in the dance community by welcoming international dance artists.

“We are thrilled to show our commitment as Indonesia’s dance fitness pioneer to launch game-changing event like this.
Dance Camp offers enthusiasts a taste of unique dance experience and opportunity to up skill their technique by learning from the world’s renowned dancers. This is a perfect moment to get inspired before they continue their journey to Celebrity Fitness’s dance programs.” Marketing Head of Celebrity Fitness Indonesia Feni Soemitra said.

Duki, finalist of Hungarian Got Talent 2019 and renowned dance choreographer for top TV shows like Hungarian Idol as well as VIVA Comet Awards among others, kicked off the event with Raw. Fusing the latest street dance moves of Hip-Hop, R&B, House and Funk, the dance master rolled out an improvised version with his own edgy twists, quick footwork and plenty of Hip-Hop music rhythms.

To pump up the volume, Nicole Kirkland, the growingly popular Californian dance artist who has worked with world-class musicians like Prince, Wiz Khalifa and Sean Kingston, performed her take on Seduce. Showcasing unique dance skills that makes her a big Youtube star, Kirkland combines the most teasing tunes of R&B music with sensual burlesque-inspired moves to serve up a fun and flirtatious dance style.

Also present today is Brian Puspos, a member of dance team 
SoReal Cru who was runner-up in Season 2 of America’s Best Dance Crew championship. The dance expert from Texas performed Insanity, firing up the dancefloor with an extreme mix of fitness and the hottest clubbing moves backed by blasting beats from Top 40 Songs music chart.

Feni added, “Duki, Kirkland and Puspos are big names in the global dance community and we are thrilled they can share their fresh takes on our Signature Dance Classes DNA and inspire local dancers to come up with their own personalized DNA versions.”


Triesca Arisandy, Celebrity Fitness’s Head of Fitness, explained. “Personalizing dance style requires the high level of confidence, stamina and focus that only come from being a seasoned dancer. That is why we encourage members to embark on a journey of personal discovery and learning through all of our Signature DNA Classes which apart from the 3 dance themes today, also include Latin-inspired exotic dance fusion Flavor as well as ab-focused fun dance series Core Motion. With superior technique, anyone can unleash their star and become a sensational dancer.”

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