Celebrity Fitness CSR Program: T-shirt for hope

The Charity Program raised IDR 78 million to support impacted families during this pandemic.

As the pandemic spreads throughout the nation, many are impacted. Some families and individuals have been hit harder than others. Their daily lives and routines have come to a virtual halt.

During mid-May, we have organized a fundraising event through our annual Yoga Fair celebration. We held our event through an online platform this year and while it is unprecedented, the energy from our members remained high with enthusiasm.

Filled with various physical stretches, poses, and oms, the yoga sessions reminded us how important it is to stay refreshed by practicing good breathing exercises and having strong physical fitness, especially during this period of time. 


Through our Scan & Donate gateway and the sales of BREATHE T-shirts, we have raised as much as IDR 78 million in donation from our generous members and staff. All funds collected were delivered to the ReachOut Foundation (ROF) to be used effectively to support families who are impacted by the pandemic. Part of the funds will also be used to support the construction of early childhood education pre-school. 

A big thank you to our members and staff who have supported this cause.