Jennifer Sugiarto 

Celebrity Fitness member since October 15 2015

"I want to be a role model for 2 of my childrens to have a healthy lifestyle"

Jennifer is a house wife, 34 years old. She has a lower back pain and from the wellness point of view, she also has high cholesterol.

The Work

Her transformation is spectacular and successful by reducing body fat, before was 41% and after is 31.5%

Meet Our Starmaker: Arifuddin 

Jennifer came to me in August 2017 due to her chronic lower back pain that had been bothering her since she gave birth her second daughter. Initially, losing weight wasn't her #1 goal, however with her consistency and dicipline, we managed to address her pain and at the same time to increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat. The program that I prescribed for her is a combination of Corrective Exercises, Pilates, resistance training, cardiovascular, and motor control to enhance her body awareness. Now that she is pain-free and can easily control her body weight, our goal is shifted for her to get stronger, move well, and perform better.

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