Shannon Hansell

Celebrity Fitness member since October 15 2015

Shannon is a house wife, 34 years old. She has gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and she found It really difficult to lose the extra weight.

She wanted to lose some weight & just be overall healthier. But She has 3 small children and commitment can sometime be a challenge.

The Work

So by having Personal Training just gave her that little bit extra to be able focused on her goals and get there in the end also by having a Personal Trainer to show up to, made It a lot more easierĀ 

Meet Our Starmaker: ANDRE

Shannon came to the gym in January 2018 to begin train with me, since then she has lost over 20kg weight and 72cm from her body. During her training, we focused a lot on weights training combined with interval training which helped with her results overall. We are now focused on increasing her strength and athletic ability with small improvements every day.

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