Aulia Haydar Adi Prasetya 

Celebrity Fitness member since March 24 2018

Aulia is a student, 18 years old. When he was 5 years old, diagnosed with symptoms that can cause bone porosity.

The Work

His transformation is spectacular and successful by reducing body fat, before was 41% and after is 31.5% 

Meet Our Starmaker: Viki

First time train Haydar with his body weight 117 kg. When he was a child he was infected with a virus that presented his bones porous, with that condition I had to train Haydar according to his condition, motivating Haydar and he could certainly do it. Thanks to the Haydar spirit and support from his family, it was very big for him. Within less than 2 months Haydar could penetrate 108kg of body weight, and even he was busy for Exam in his school.

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