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What is the class about

HIIT? Check Work on your lower body? Check. Stars ready to take on the Race 30 challenge, check in! This high intensity indoor cycling class makes you work hard. But it will pay it all back with some sculpted sexy legs and a smoking hot endurance. The moment you get on that bike, we’re keeping your heart rate up so your fat burn is maximum in minimum time. That means you’ll continue to burn calories even after you walk out of class.

If you’re a star with the desire to get maximum results in minimum time, Race30 is ready for you.

The benefits of the class
Who is the class suitable for
• Improve fitness, endurance and lower body strength.
• Get sculpted, sexy legs.
• Keep your heart rate up and you burn more fat in less time.
• Achieve better cardiovascular fitness.
• Your body continues to expend excess calories even after the class, known as the After-Burn Effect.
• Like to challenge yourself to the max
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Cycle with a HIIT training method where you give maximum effort through quick, intense bursts of training intervals, followed by short, and sometimes active recovery periods.

How do you feel after the class

Race30 stays true to the HIIT routine; quick intense bursts that demand maximum effort in between short recovery periods. It’s a 30 minute class so it’s hard work right from the get go. Come ready for a challenge. Immediately post-class, your legs will feel like jelly. But let the fatigue fade and you’ll feel the strength and the power all within you.

Duration 30 mins
Intensity Medium,High
Complexity Easy
Motivation Fitness, endurance, strength

what to bring

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Class Essential
Extra Clothing
Class Essential
Class Essential

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