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What is the class about

Defy gravity with our Floating Yoga class that takes your yoga practice to new heights. Get comfy with your hammock, foot strap and handle. They’re there to lift your body as you flow from pose to pose in mid-air. For stars with busy lives, you’ll relieve stress and tight muscles all in one go. Work on your mobility, flexibility while strengthening your muscles. It’s an advanced class that’s perfect for regular yogis, looking for a next level challenge.

The benefits of the class
Who is the class suitable for
• Improve mobility and flexibility
• Great programme for anyone with back issues to release muscle tightness, increase intervertebral disc space
• Stress reliever
• Strengthens muscles and joints.
• Challenge your core, improve your circulation, respiratory and digestive system
• Those who workout regularly



With Aerial Yoga, Pilates, functional movement and yoga come together in one graceful mid-air workout. The basics is the same: the breath, the stretch, the strength, the control. But the challenge comes as you master inversions off ground. So expect a challenge but look forward to the release and relieve, as you bliss out with this zero impact workout .

How do you feel after the class

Walk away feeling uplifted

Duration 50 mins
Intensity Medium, High
Complexity Moderate,Advanced
Motivation Elevate your yoga practice

what to bring

Maximize the fun with these party essentials

Class Essential
Class Essential
Extra Clothing
Class Essential
Class Essential
Yoga Block
Class Essential
Yoga Mat

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