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What is the class about

DN’A Insanity is one next level party. It’s a dance class that turns up the fun factor a notch higher with an extreme mix of fitness and the hottest dance club moves. We’ll take turns working those arms, legs and core but throughout it all, your heart will be pumping and racing and wanting more.

DN’A Insanity includes modified moves for beginners and some spicy extras for our regular party people.

The benefits of the class
Who is the class suitable for
• Get a heart pumping workout
• Work on your arms, legs and core
• Stress reliver
• Beginner
• Those who workout regularly



We’ll go all out. The volume’s loud, the energy’s high, the moves are extreme. Your favourite Top 40 tunes will be blasting, your party people will be right there with you and your stress will just sashay with every dance move. With every workout, the fun and sweat is guaranteed and you’ll walk out high on that rush of endorphins.

How do you feel after the class

Feel high on endorphins
Duration 50 mins
Intensity Low, Medium
Complexity Moderate
Motivation Arms, Legs and Core

What to bring

Maximize the fun with these party essentials

Class Essential
Class Essential
Class Essential
Extra Clothing
Class Essential

party schedule

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