Let it grow: How some facial fuzz can save lives 


If you can grow a moustache, then why not show it off for a good cause? The month of November has been dubbed Movember for the past 15 years, and men and women around the world rally in support of ending the global men’s health crisis. If you’re quite convinced yet, here are five reasons why you should let your mo’ grow.


1. Keeping your man around

Whether it’s your father, brother, partner or friend, men around the world generally live six years less than women. In many instances, the causes for this are preventable. So the Movember Foundation is calling on men to grow a moustache to fundraise for prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention, to help men live longer. The number of cases of all three are increasingly rising in our part of the world, so this is a cause that affects you! 


2. Mo’ for show

Besides the serious stuff of spreading awareness and raising funds, growing a moustache can have a great impact on your social life too. Facial hair is all the rage these days, so you not only get to do good but also get to look pretty cool. This lets you have a new look for November. When the month is over, you can either keep it or shave it all and suddenly, people will notice that you’ve changed again. Not a bad way to gain some attention! 


3. You’re so vain

Guys like to take care of themselves too so growing a moustache is another excuse to get more grooming products to look your best selves. Depending on how thick your mo’ grows, you can style it differently to go with your different looks. Face scrubs can help stimulate moustache growth, beard moisturisers keep the moustache soft (especially for those intimate moments …) and pomade so you can style it any way you like.


4. It can save your life too

Funds raised by the Movember Foundation go to organisations around the world for research. If you’re a man, all the outcomes from these fundings will benefit you in the long run. But there are also short term benefits! This year, Movember Foundation is also asking people to commit to running 60km in November as part of fundraising efforts – so you get to keep fit too. Head to Celebrity Fitness and get on the treadmill and start counting. A leaner body and a cool moustache surely won’t hurt!


5. BroMos

Get you best buddy (or several) to participate with you. This way you can make it a social event so you don’t feel awkward, have someone to share the experience with or another excuse for a bonding session. You can learn how to grow and keep a moustache together, and laugh at each other’s progress (or lack thereof) especially if you’ve always been clean shaven. You can even make it a competition – the one with the best moustache gets the others to top up his fundraising. This way he wins, you win and all men win.