There are benefits and limitations to working out while you’re having your period.


There are some days when you’re lying on the sofa at home after work and think to yourself: what’s up with me? You know, those times when you are just down in the dumps and feel like you just can’t do or get anything right. No matter how much you try, it’s feels like it’s just not good enough. Sounds familiar?

The catch here, of course, is the word “feel”. You feel that way, even if that’s not the reality or how other people see you. There are many ways to deal with this, including getting professional help, or you can get on your feet and have a good workout.


A Few Minutes Is All It Takes To Feel Good

Yes, it can really be as simple as that. Our bodies create endorphins when we exercise, and science has shown that this happens as quickly as a few minutes into a workout. These endorphins are called feel-good hormones for a reason: the rush they give you can turn your mood around. Imagine working out constantly and feeling good after each sweat session…how do you think this will help with your mental health in the long run? 


All You Need Is A Bit Of Focus

A great way to take your mind off (negative) things is to focus on something so much that you don’t have the time or chance to overthink. The kind of focus you need during workouts – whether to achieve your goals or not do anything that might result in injury – may be just what you need to lift your low self-esteem. A great workout is always a good confidence booster.


Celebrate The Little Victories In Life

Good coaches and trainers will tell you that turning up at the gym or putting on your running shoes is already a win. It may sound too simplistic, but the reality is that each time you work out, you are contributing a bit towards improving yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. This means that each work out is a victory because you get better, stronger, and more toned with every exercise session you do. Think of each exercise routine as a challenge. You might be hesitant going in but at the end of the workout, no matter how you do, you would have won because you overcame that initial reluctance. You showed up and you went through the paces. You did it! 


Every Little Bit Counts

More often than not, low self-esteem can be attributed to an accumulation of factors rather than a single reason. Working out can help fix some of those things, which may have a ripple effect. For example, exercise can help you sleep better, which makes you feel better overall, helping you to manage stress and anxiety better. It’s a positive chain reaction with a host of positive consequences, set off by one small move. 

So if you’re down in the dumps and feel like it’s so difficult to pick yourself up, head to the gym and pick up some weights instead. Getting your fitness on point could be just what you need to lift yourself out of the doldrums and onto better confidence and self-esteem.