Smart and active: check out these FIVE durable smartwatches


As an active person, you already know the wonders that a smartwatch can do to help you with your workout. The more hardcore among you, however, will need something that is strong and hardy to keep up with you. There’s no better time than now to kick off your new year regime with a durable smartwatch. Watch are you waiting for – check these five our now!


Shock to the system

When it comes to durability, shock resistance is key for most people when it comes to choosing the right watch for them. Well, G-Shock has you covered. Check out the GW-9400 Rangeman series, which is not just water resistant (up to 200 meters!) but also mud and dirt resistant. The sensor button – which takes you to the sensor screen – even has a metal cover to protect it. The solar-powered watch is also not high-maintenance – it remains charged for months without being exposed to the sun. It’s a good option for those of you who like to be active outdoors thanks to its compass, barometer and thermometer features. #triplethreat


Tick all your boxes

For a less-tactical, more mainstream smartwatch, consider the Ticwatch Pro. This watch looks less sturdy than the other options so far, but it has a IP68 water and dust proof rating, and the case is made of carbon fibre reinforced with high strength nylon. It’s hybrid straps means it looks fancy on the outside, but the inward side is breathable and sweat-resistant. The watch is compatible with Google Play, so you can choose from over 100 faces made exclusively for Ticwatch. With a GPS tracker, heart rate monitor and calories counter – among other features – this watch is fit to be your health companion.


Going Pro

If you want something tough but also sleek, then why not consider the Casio Protrek Smart? There are several options from its WSD-F20 series, featuring different colours such as indigo blue, green, and orange among others. The touchscreen watch is low temperature resistant (up to -10 degrees Celcius) and its durability fits within United States military standards. The bezel and band are both made from resin. This is a great option for you if you’re the kind of person who is always hard at work, and enjoy working out equally hard.


The tactical choice

When it comes to outdoor activities, you can’t run away from Garmin. The GPS capability in itself takes its smartwatches to greater heights; the Garmin Tactix Charlie includes full-colour topographical maps which are pre-loaded. Put that amazing capability together with its other features and you’ve got a winner – 1.2” high-resolution display, night vision goggle compatibility, and other built-in navigation censors including a 3-asix compass, barometer, altimeter and gyroscope. As for durability – it includes a carbon coated titanium bezel, black titanium rear cover and stainless-steel buttons. When it comes to resistance, then this watch is rather hard to resist.


The last(ing) option

Want something built to last? Then look no further than the Suunto 9. This watch can go for up to 120 hours of recording time with GPS tracking, choosing from three battery modes Performance, Endurance and Ultra. It’s also pretty clever – based on your activity history, the watch will help ensure you’re charged for your next activity or suggest a different mode if you’re midway through an exercise. #smartalec Suunto is pitching this watch as a multisport option: it has over 80 sports modes, wrist heart rate feature, and is 100m water resistant. Will it last, you ask? The Titanium Grade 5 bezel and sapphire crystal glass says it all. 



We’ve suggested some great choices for durable smartwatches, but if you want to consider an analog watch, there here’s another to check out. After all, there’s no better way to prove the durability of a watch than by manufacturing one that meets the high standards set by the US government. The Marathon TSAR was designed for military divers, so you know that it will hold up in extreme situations. Heck, it is water resistant up to 300 meters! The glass of the watch is synthetic sapphire which makes it scratch resistant. If you’re looking for something that can help push you further, then you’ve found the watch for you. But first, drop five, cadet, and prove you worth!