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Playground 2.0 - What we’re about

Introducing Playground 2.0 -- Experience how far can you go! Want to know how you can progress? This program allows you to select your own intensity. This mini cluster format, set you in a group of 3 with a different level of intensities. Gain and own your full confidence after you join this Playground. Then you know how you can go to the next level of training.


A 30-minute cardio-strength based workout, bring you a better cardio respiratory fitness and stamina by increasing your capacity to use oxygen and blood flow. Importantly these workouts will help you strengthen your heart health and efficiently transports the blood to working muscles throughout your body. Incorporating machine and strength equipment, Playground Engine will blow your mind, and oh, lungs.



The trendiest, latest, and newest way of fun and energetic training is now at Celebrity Fitness! Lead by our Starmakers with various type of movements, never get bored! This is a variety of ultimate training which keeping you moving and having yourself in our hype! Tabata style of working out will warm yourself up here at Playground HIIT!



A group workout that is designed in the gym floor with a Personal Trainer. This program comprises of 4 exercises that focus on muscle strengthening. Using strength equipment as its main component. Snatching the dumbbells, swing those kettle bells, engage the core! You gotta feel you are in your zone when you train with us in Playground Strength.



Strike is our new Playground delivered by our Starmaker, we promise to keep you drenched in a sweat of happiness, slay the workout, and hit those bags and rebel against ordinary workout. Burn more calories in 30 minutes boxing and bodyweight, a cardio based workout. The program will involve punches, kicks, and of course bodyweight movement. Foot work as your warm up will never go wrong. Let’s Strike!



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