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What is the class about

The party’s getting extra sweaty with Hot Yoga. It’s all we love of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga but spiced up with a heated environment. Come ready for the heat as you sweat out those toxins for a full body cleanse. Internally, it will get your blood flowing and metabolism boosting. Outwardly, you’ll see your body get stronger and feel your joints get more flexible.

Beginners, dip your toes into our Hatha or Vinyasa Yoga first. Regular Yogis, Hot Yoga is all yours.

The benefits of the class
Who is the class suitable for
• Detox your body
• Cleanse and detox the body through your skin
• Get good blood flow
• Get stronger and more flexible
• Get relief from body aches and back pain
• Improved stamina
• Improve metabolism
• Those who workout regularly


At Hot Yoga, the heat starts the moment you walk in, with the studio heated up to a sweltering 37 degrees. And it only gets hotter from there: as one unit, you’ll flow through a blend of traditional Hatha Yoga poses in the modern style of Vinyasa. With every pose, feel your joints loosen, your body open, and your mind relax. It’s one cleansing experience that leaves you feeling fresh, strong and ready to slay the rest of your day.

How do you feel after the class

Walk away feeling cleansed and stronger

Duration 50 mins
Intensity Medium
Complexity Easy,Moderate
Motivation To feel strong

what to bring

Maximize the fun with these party essentials

Class Essential
Class Essential
Extra Clothing
Class Essential
Class Essential
Yoga Block
Class Essential
Yoga Mat

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