Jump on the virtual workout experience.


There is little doubt that one of the biggest trends in fitness for 2020 is the boom of the virtual workout experience. Some people have completely taken to it – #earlyadopters – while others are more wary. If you’re one of those who’s not quite sure if it is something that works for you, why not let our personal trainers convince you? Here they offer some great reasons why you give it a go.


For your eyes only

If there’s always been a new class that you’ve been wanting to take but have been too embarrassed to do so, then there’s no time like now to try it judgement free. Now is as good a time as any to put on those dancing shoes or roll out the yoga mat and learn those moves you’ve been a bit too shy to try out at the gym. 


Rise and shine

Exercise is a great way to get the blood pumping to start off your day. Of course, 7am classes can sometimes be a drag but if you’re joining a session from home, you can just roll out of your bed and get it on. You don’t even need to look in the mirror to make sure you look presentable!

Under similar circumstances, “suiting up” in active wear daily can actually increase your determination to workout instead of letting your body be idle. This notion is further enhanced by a 2012 study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology which concluded that choosing to wear your workout attire throughout your day can convince your brain that regular exercise is good for you. Get comfortable with wearing your active wear all day, errday, cuz’ it’s going to motivate you to stay focused towards achieving your individual fitness goals.


There’s no place like home

One of the best reasons must surely be the fact that you’re able to get the best offerings from the gym but in the comfort of your own home. You’ll have everything you need there – your favourite headphones to elevate the experience and the fitness tracker to hold you accountable to your workout.



One for all and all for one 

If you’re concerned about having the right equipment, fret not! You can always work with what you have at home. A sack of rice is great for shoulder presses, putting books into your backpack is a good option for back squats and filling up a pail of water works well for single arm rows.


Ready, set, go!

The virtual workout experience platform is a good chance for you to engage with your instructor, so make sure you take advantage of it. This two-way connection can help you achieve your goals better with the help of the trainers. Make sure to tell them what your favourite workouts are or if you have any injuries so that the instructor can adapt and scale the activity to your ability. 

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