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Don’t given into the temptation of a super hard workout every single day. It does more harm than good! 

If you’ve been churning yourself out to the fullest and yet the results are zilch, zero, nada. Well, then you’ve probably just hit a workout plateau. Relax, it’s not something to fret over, ‘cos it happens to the best of athletes and fitness enthusiasts! A few critical steps and you’ll be very well back on track.


Why do we hit a plateau at all?

The body usually hits a plateau when it becomes used to the stresses we put upon it; so, to cut it short, all you need to do is to make sure that you continue to slay it but don’t go overboard. You won’t even see it coming but your dedication towards your own strict diet plan (that you may be following to the T) can bring you down in more ways than one. That’s when your body says- “Nah, not happening any more!” But before you think of losing your workout mojo, we’ll tell you exactly how to smash right through this ‘unwanted plateau’ of yours and achieve those killer abs or toned legs!


1. Switch up your workout: Every two to five weeks you need to change your routine to work your body in different ways. The most common reason that a plateau occurs is when your body becomes super comfy with the exercise that you’ve been doing for the past few weeks, month or more. Crush it, we say!


2. Stop overtraining: Don’t push yourself when it’s not required in the workout. When you strain your muscles harder than required, it can cause your muscle tissue to break down. So, do give your body the rest and repair it deserves to get you through your plateau. Take it easy bro!


3. Cut back on carbs: Plateau also means that you’re not getting any closer to your weight goal. By doing a low-carb diet and cutting out carbs from your diet, you can see the results faster. Don’t start treating yourself after a gruelling workout sesh thinking that you deserve it! It’s a big nay! This actually could be the reason behind your slump. Thank us later, you guys! 😉 This kind of an eat-as-you-like attitude is exactly what can stunt your weight loss, so stay motivated. #KeepUpTheBeastMode


4. Get a trainer: Regardless of how long you’ve been working out for, there are times when you’ll need help. It’s not a thing to be ashamed of. Say to yourself, “I am in need of help and I’m gonna get it.” Many of you’d like to change your workout routine but don’t know exactly how to go about it. To get out of your slump, you better take help. A trainer will bring fresh ideas and creativity into your workout routines. #TrainHarderFasterBetterStronger


5. You’re being a total sloth during the rest of the day or time: Just because you work out heavily doesn’t mean that for the rest of the day you need to become a couch potato. You need to understand that your body gets used to inactivity. To keep up with your fitness level, you need to make sure that your body doesn’t sit leisurely around all day long. Better off, say no to #NetflixAndChill


6. Get the consistency vibe: The only thing that matters in a fitness journey is ‘consistency’. But before you pat yourself on the back, workout discipline ain’t the only thing. You need to keep calm and #SlayYourDietGoals. It’s always great to switch things up a little but fat loss is not far away from you if you stick to a routine and knock it off


7. Recovery time is a must: To make the most of your workout you also need to let your body rest and charged enough to hit back the next day. You can’t work towards your weight loss goal if you’re too sore from your last workout. Not taking a recovery break can end up causing more harm than good. So #EatWorkoutSleepRepeat


Easy-peasy, right? C’mon now read point no 5 again and get your lazy ass off that chair!