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A Fruiti‘vore’, are you? Give them a break, we say! 


Fruits and veggies have long been considered to be the best and healthiest foods available but, well, is it going a little too far when it comes to downing fruits like there’s no tomorrow? If your answer too is a big ‘yeah’, then let’s set somethings straight for ya!

5 fruits and veggies a day is the recommended meal plan for everyone in order to be healthy. But not all of us follow the healthy diet and end up eating rather more of some unhealthy foods or just eat fruits, by perhaps even skipping all the veggies altogether!


Can you eat as much fruit as you want?

While being a ‘fruit’ivore or a fruitarian - the one who eats fruits for most meals - is considered to be okay, you may not get enough nutrients from fruits alone. Many of you who love fruits, would prefer eating fruits for all your meals given the ease in consuming them. Fruits are great for your health, but they aren’t ‘free foods’ that you can eat all day long. Your body may be able to handle the fruit diet. While you ‘CAN’ eat fruits all day long, but ‘SHOULD’ you? The answer is- nope! You may be surprised to know that fruits have much more calories than non-starchy vegetables thus bringing a big slump in your weight loss programme. You need not limit your servings to 3 fruits a day, but you could focus on your portions and keep it limited in every serving. Fresh fruits are loaded (read again, we mean- LOADED) with vitamins and antioxidants along with calories and carbs. And calories are notorious enough to spoil your weight loss spree, if not kept well under a check!


Do not kick out fruits from your diet -

The carbs present in fruits will not impact your sugar levels or your weight in a significant manner. Given the glycemic load of fruits is low, and that they supply good amounts of fiber, you end up feeling fuller sooner. They aid in slow digestion and you may not be able to eat larger portions of one fruit if taken wholly.


Fruits and some facts -

Fruits have high levels of the simple sugar fructose, which is processed only by your liver. Your liver becomes high in the simple sugar fructose, it becomes difficult to lose weight. Your liver starts repackaging the excess fructose as fats to be used later. This impacts your waistline blowing it out of proportion.


Ever wondered how you could eat fruits and still maintain your weight loss plan?

Well, easy-peasy, below are a few pro-tips to help you out!

Focus on lighter and smaller fruits like berries, melons, kiwis, plums, peaches.

Enjoy fruits as a whole and not in the form of juices. The fibre content in fruits remains intact and helps you feel full if eaten, instead of juicing them up!

Plan better on downing veggies along with relishing fruits in moderation. 2 portions of fruits and 2 portions of veggies is the way to go for a healthy diet regime.

Cut down on carbs and cals by restricting your grains and starchy carbs. We suggest, move on to fruits at a later stage.

Make it a point that you pick up a variety of fruits to eat. Do not stick to only a few fruits each day.

So, eat fruits ‘cos you want to and not because you have to! Consume fruits in the right amounts suitable for your body to amp up your weight loss programme and not reverse it!