Gamify your workouts with PT


Working out – like any kind of work – can be hard and draining. Sure, the rewards are great but often, it can be difficult to stay motivated. Personal trainers are a great way to help navigate this as not only will you have company when you work out, but these fitness experts can really help motivate you, achieve your fitness goals, and be your support system where your health is concerned. Now, imagine all that plus the fun that comes from a session that incorporates play and the concept of games. This kind of personal training (PT) will help you get where you want to be, fitness wise, before you know it! 


Play and games? 

Yup, you read that right! What is play if not interaction plus movement? This broad understanding means that there is a lot of space for incorporating different elements that are changeable, to suit your preferences. With play, the point is to engage in any activity for the purpose of enjoyment and recreation. Now, think of the competitiveness of games – it’s basically play but according to certain rules. The thing about games is that it can be so fun that you don’t always realise that the activity you’re engaging in is hard work. 


Gamification to the fore 

Celebrity Fitness brings play and games together in the form of a gamified PT training experience. Why do we do this, you ask? Well, mainly because our clients love it! Gamification in these sessions can help boost social bonds and productivity – after all, humans are social beings. Aside from the benefits of physical workouts (you know, the physical responses to exercising such as better posture), this approach to PT also helps you feel good emotionally as the body will releases oxytocin. This approach also introduces new stresses into your workouts, which is not necessarily reinforced in traditional training programmes such as those with varied force profiles, as well as wider ranges of motion.  



At which point of training do we incorporate this? 

At all points! Gamification in PT sessions means including playful movements that promote a variety of physical benefits including better balance, coordination, strength, speed, agility, functional demand on tissue, and increased skills. 

But how does it work? 

Okay, here’s an example on how to gamify a training session by incorporating whole body vibration: do the traditional squares or push-ups but on a vibrating platform, which acts as the perturbation tool. This makes the workout more fun, exciting, and challenging too! 


Is that it? 

Want another example? How about elastic resistance? Your personal trainer will get you to execute a single-leg balance exercise but while holding the tubing with both hands. Where’s the challenge? Well, you need to maintain tensions on the resistance band. As an example on how we can change this up is to switch up the rules of play and use a TRX Suspension Trainer instead. 

* This training article was prepared by the Celebrity Personal Trainer Team.