5 Things To Pack For Your Return To The Gym

Return to the gym with a vengeance with these items


What better time than when you’re returning to the gym for the first time in a while to start new and fresh? This means that it’s time to do some shopping for your anticipated visit to make sure that you have all the important accessories you need and that you stand out as well! Try these suggestions out for size! #retailtherapy  


Bag it up 

First things first: you need a carrier to hold everything so why not start with getting a brand-new gym bag. The slick Nike Utility Power duffel bag might just be what you need. It comes in two colours – Light Army and Navy Blue – and has multiple pockets, so you have space for everything you need. The best part of this bag is that it comes with built-in ventilation to help deal with your post-gym gear. 


It’s got you covered 

Living in pandemic times means that your behaviour and comfort zones have likely changed. Face masks are very much a part of life now, and this is no different at the gym. The difference is that you would want to wear a face mask that was made with the athlete in mind, so give the Under Armour UA sports mask a go. This mask was designed for all-day wearing and during sporting activities. It’s lightweight, made from breathable knit fabric, and the external portion is water resistant. The makers used their Iso-chill fabric for the interior lining and ear loops so that they will be cool to the touch. Just what you need for a sweaty workout! 


Towel up, wipe down 

On your return to the gym, you may be more comfortable using your own accessories and that includes a towel for you to wipe all that sweat from your hard work.

Fits like a glove 

Gloves have long been a common gym accessory to not only give you a better grip on the equipment but also protect your palms. They also let you maintain good hygiene when at the gym, especially when sharing equipment (just make sure to clean them regularly after use!).

Belt up! 

These days, a visit to the gym is not complete without face masks, hand sanitisers, and wet wipes, which you’ll need to carry from station to station. You want something that’s small yet spacious enough to accommodate these new essentials, such as the Salomon Agile 250 belt. Designed to give a stretch fit that will help you move easier, it’s agile, durable and best of all, multi-purpose. After all, it’s made by a brand that’s known for their hiking gear so this is a great accessory to have on you whether you’re working out at the gym or exercising outdoors.