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Make it a fun day to remember 

This Mother’s Day, don’t just shower her in gifts or indulgent meals that will set you back on your goals. Rule this special day the same way you rule the gym floor. Why not dedicate the entire day to spending time and having more bonding moments with her with some killer fun activities?

Fun Indoor Ideas 

If she isn’t such a fan of the outdoors, light up the gym floor by treating her to a fitness class. Open her world to something fun and new like Zumba or Aerial Yoga and show off your wild side together. After you’ve worked up a sweat, go on and get fired up the kitchen with a fun Cooking Class. Her cooking might be tough to beat but taking on a new recipe in a professional kitchen setting will make it an experience to remember. The best part? After all the hard work, there’s a delicious treat at the end.

Outdoor Ideas 

If she loves soaking up the sun and being out and about, why not plan a hike with a picnic at the end of it. Ditch the distractions and conquer that hill like a star would, take the time to enjoy the scenery and the company. Keep the picnic a surprise! Treat yourselves to rewarding desserts that’s worthy of a star like mom.  

Treat your mom 

The classic shop till you drop sometimes just can’t be beaten. Pick a store and go with the “choose anything you like”. Don’t limit yourself to just the usual stores, give her workout wardrobe a makeover too. It’s the best way to have a fabulous time together. Post-successful shopping trip, fill up on a delicious but healthy snack like an acai bowl that’s pure content gold for both of your Instagram feeds.