To PT or not to PT? We’re all for it, especially post-lockdown and here’s why.


Ready to come out of lockdown life and back to your regular fitness programme? Now is a good time to work with a PT and here are four reasons why.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is to be resourceful, resilient and flexible. Okay fine, that’s three things. The point is, we learned to improvise in order to keep going and for fitness buffs, that meant working out independently and at home. Some managed to find their rhythm and learned to enjoy online classes, but even then, probably did not achieve the same level of progress they used to, among other obstacles. These are 4 of the more common fitness setbacks during the lockdowns and how you can overcome, with the help of a personal trainer.


You Can’t See The Gains

Virtual exercise classes opened up a world of possibilities and options, and most people have enjoyed trying out a variety of workouts. But what results do you get from doing a bit of this and some of that? To get visible and trackable gains, you need a game plan that outlines your goals and objectives, and how to reach them. That’s what a PT will do for you. They can tailor a programme to your requirements, taking into account your current health and fitness levels, schedule, and amount of time you can spend working out. They will throw in nutritional and lifestyle tips too. What you get is a complete guide that steers you towards your #fitnessgoals and make every workout count.



So part your stay-at-home plan was to workout every other day … except on days when you have plans, in which case, you will make up for it the next day. But then something else comes along and you push it back again, and before you know it, one week has gone by without you hitting the mat or picking up a dumbbell. Sounds familiar? It happens to all of us, which is why you want to have PT to hold you accountable. Truth is, you’re less likely to skip out on a training session when you have someone other than yourself to answer to. 

You’ve Hit A Plateau And Are Stuck

Maybe you need to do more, maybe you need to do less, maybe you haven’t been sleeping well, maybe … there are so many reasons that can cause your weight loss or muscle gains to come to a standstill. You can spend all your time figuring out the ‘why’ so why not hire a PT to get you out of the rut? With their experience and training, they’ll know exactly what went wrong and more importantly, how to fix it. 

You’re Recovering From An Injury And Don’t Want To Hurt Yourself Again

Were you using suitable weights? Was your form correct? Did you not warm up adequately or properly? Injuries caused by workout can be avoided if you know what to be careful about. A personal trainer will teach you all that and also modify exercises that let you continue to stay on track without aggravating your injury.

You Want Your Workouts To Be Fun

At Celebrity Fitness, our personal trainers take a fun and play approach to sessions. At the heart of our PT sessions is gamification, which means we incorporate playful elements to help you get the most out of the workout. It won’t be any less intense, but it will be great fun!