Burn Calories While Making New Friends? Let's Try Group Fitness!


What comes to your mind when you hear the word fitness? A strenuous and excruciating exercise program? Or monotonous sports activities and lots of repetition? If so, you should start trying more exciting variations of sports, one of which is by joining a fitness group.


Joining a fitness group can not only be an alternative in exercising. There are a number of benefits that you can get by joining a fitness group. What are the benefits? Here's the summary for you!


Ways to make new friends

There are many stories and experiences of people who join fitness groups meeting new friends who help motivate them to exercise. Exercise friends not only make you more enthusiastic about exercising but also make exercise more fun and exciting. Furthermore, numerous research indicates that working out with friends might improve your consistency.


Learn directly from the professionals

You will be taught directly by a qualified instructor in a fitness group. You won't need to worry about your own training plan because this instructor will guide your practice in class. The instructor will typically lead you through a warm-up, low intensity, high intensity, stretching, and cooling-down phase.


Burn calories in a fun way

There's nothing more exciting than working out with people with the same motivation. Joining a fitness group can provide a variety of sports so that your exercise in the gym does not feel monotonous. Coupled with the fun atmosphere and up beat music used in the classroom, the practice is even more fun.


Interested in joining a fitness group and feel the various benefits? There are many exciting classes that you can take at Celebrity Fitness Indonesia. Come join us now to feel the fun. Don't forget to invite your friends to make your workout even more fun!