Superb Benefits of Dancing Class

Superb Benefits of Dancing


Let’s dance like nobody’s watching and get the superb benefits for your fitness.


Are you a fan of K-Pop music? Not only their songs are easy listening, K-Pop stars are also often performed eye-catching dance choreography in either their music videos or live stage acts. Of course, these mega stars have been practicing for months to put on a spectacular musical performance.


Along with the increasing of K-Pop music fans around the world, more and more people are interested in dance activities. But, did you know that dance is not just dancing to the beat of the music? There are a number of health benefits that you can get by dancing regularly.


Help improve memory quality

In order to give a fantastic performance, a dancer must memorize various choreographies given by the instructors, synced with the beat. This activity can actually make the brain work and somehow improve the quality of your memory. For this reason, many experts recommend dancing to the elderly to keep their memory in sharp condition.


Balance and coordination

This has been scientifically proven through a journal published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2021) which reveals that dance exercise three times a week is good for improving body balance. Body balance is needed to reduce the potential for injury and falls during daily activities.


Burn calories in a fun way!

Did you know that dancing actually burns more calories than running? Dancing for 30 minutes can burn approximately 100, even 500 calories depending on the choreography and the type of its dance. While the average running exercise burns about 250 calories in the same duration.


Increase muscle mass

Who would have thought that dancing can also help you build muscles? A number of choreographies in dance activities such as jumping, running, and squats can help you increase muscle mass in several areas of your body. Not only that, but dancing regularly can also help you reach toned and proportional body shape you wanted!


Makes your heart healthier

Dancing can really be beneficial for people with heart disease. According to the study published in America it found those who joined in dancing class regularly had 46 per cent smaller probability of cardiovascular problem over a decade compared to those who rarely or never danced.


Cultivate creativity

Not only physically training, but dance activities can also help you be more creative. You can express your feelings with various choreographies, be it sad, happy, scared, or excited. This can help you be more expressive with your feelings.


Reduce stress

The most important benefit of dancing is that you can reduce stress in a super healthy way. Dancing can increase endorphins, hormones that help you relax and relieve anxiety. You can also become more confident, both when doing dance moves and in everyday life.