Starting an Exercise Habit in 4 Easy Steps


Living a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly are always the most popular resolutions every new year. A study published in 2016 in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin showed that 59 percent of people said they wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise throughout the new year. But unfortunately, almost 60 percent of people fail to stick with the resolution.


At times like this, living a healthy lifestyle is an important activity to do to avoid various viruses and diseases. So, how can you start a healthy lifestyle and exercise? The following article will help you get started with an exercise habit with easy-to-implement tips.


Begin by choosing the workout you enjoy the most.

To begin, choose your favorite workout. Of course, if we could live a healthier life by doing the things, we love the most, we would be less bored and have more fun. Learn whether you like to run, swim, or whether you simply have a hidden talent for dance. Once you have the answer, try to make this exercise a regular two or three times per week.


30 minutes a day

Starting the new year with the spirit of exercising is good, but don't let yourself push yourself too much. Instead of becoming a routine, you will get bored more easily and even stop living your healthy life resolutions. For beginners, limit 30 minutes to 45 minutes a day. Because in truth, the most important thing is not how long we exercise, but how we can be consistent.


The main key is discipline

Motivation without discipline often yields nothing. If you are serious about wanting to be healthier in 2022, this is the time to start being disciplined and consistent in exercising. If necessary, you can invite your friends and family to live a healthy lifestyle together. You can get to know each other and motivate each other to achieve body goals this year.


combine with a solid, well-balanced diet

Of course, for best results, combine exercise with a nutritious diet. Healthy living is not just about exercising, the nutrients that enter your body are equally important. Exercise alone won't help you achieve your healthy lifestyle resolution; you also need to start rearranging the calories and nutrients you consume each day.