Combat Monday Blues with Exercise: Here's why!


Although Monday is the least favorite day of the week, researchers have found that this is actually the best day to start your workout throughout the week. Now, you will never skip your Monday chest day ever again!


For some people, Monday is the least favorite day of the week. It is the day when you are compelling to shift from weekend chill to get the weekly routine and productivity back on track. Monday is the day when we start reading those hundreds of emails, a lot of deadlines are waiting to be completed, and working out may be the last thing occur on your mind. But what if we say that it is actually important to start your week with a sweaty season of exercise?


A study conducted by Fitness First in London shows that nearly 45 per cent of Londoners admitted that exercising on a Monday made them more productive and felt motivated at work for the entire week. They also visited their gyms more often during the week than those people who neglected working out on Monday. Moreover, more than a third of people or 36 per cent who exercised on Monday found positive impact in their eating habits for the week.


This is proving that working out on Monday can be a contributing factor that influence our motivation levels.


What are benefits of working out on Monday?


Along with the numerous health advantages of physical activity, here are three important reasons you should be working out on Monday:


It helps you combat stress, even before it starts

Studies show that exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress, improve sleep, and most importantly combat depression. The endorphins it releases in your brain help you feel relax and motivated. You can perform any type of moderate exercise like running, swimming, dancing, or practicing yoga. The point is you will make Monday workout as an essential routine to start your wonderful week.


It is a prime time to start new habits

If you are thinking to get more serious in achieving your new year’s resolution, you must consider to exercise every Monday. It is because you are more likely to hit the gym more often in the week. Whereas, if you skip Monday, you are possibly skipping Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday. It is all about making a healthy habit and help you to be more discipline.


It helps you to set the path of your week

It is true! You can set how do you want the week to go. You can make it to be positive? Productive? Exciting? Then, do yourself a favor and start training those muscles. Working out on Monday sets a mental and emotional state for the days that follow.


There are many ways to make your Monday workout counts. You can grab your friends, pick your favorite fitness class, or simply just hit those thread-mill and burn your calories.