Important Workout Factors to Remember for Ladies

Key factors for women to consider before their next workout in order to unlock their body’s athletic potential.


Fixed guidelines do not apply when it comes to working out, and it works just the same for both men and women. This means that both sexes are capable of performing workout routines at similar intensities. However, there are still a few physical and physiological differences that need to be taken into account. Here are some of the few important elements that women should take into consideration before getting into the rhythm of a workout routine. *screams* ARE YOU READYYY?!


So What if You Are Smaller in Size?

When compared to a man, a woman’s genetic make-up means she has a smaller skeletal structure and muscle mass. Besides that, a woman also has loose joints and a lower level of testosterone. Because of this, a woman’s ability to develop equal size and strength as that of a man is stunted. Additionally, men have also been identified to have more type 2 muscle fibres, while women have been identified to have more type 1 muscle fibres. The stark contrast between both fibres is that type 2 fibres stimulate a greater output of power, while type 1 fibres stimulate a greater capacity for muscle recovery.

Your body is your clay block. And ladies, the power to sculpt your body according to your desired physique lies within you! Incorporating use of dumbbells, weight plates and body weight exercises will help you to shed unwanted fat, develop muscular strength and endurance, and tone your arms, legs, stomach. So, how bad do you want it ladies?!


Forget Explosive, Synchronisation is The Way to Go

A woman tends to produce force relatively slower than men because of a nervous system that is not as coherent. It’s not cause for concern, however, as that’s just the way women are hardwired. The motor cortex (an area of the brain which is responsible for controlling movement) is genetically larger in men, which is why explosive workouts are more suitable for them. The downside of this, however, is that men are only formidable during explosive, dynamic contractions of a lift, and not during heavy negatives or isometric contractions, even at a high intensity. 

One small step away from the more advanced stretch variations involved is to try out Floating Yoga, which is an intermediate-level class that focuses on two key components – the hatha yoga flow of asana (which refers to posture) and pranayama (which refers to breathing techniques). As a woman progresses in this class, she will be able to challenge her mind through poses which will leave her feeling stronger, more flexible and balanced. A lifetime of zen starts from humble beginnings.


Your Hormones Are Fundamental to Workout Benefits 

The primary reason why men have more muscle mass than women is associated with the different roles hormones play in their respective bodies. For a woman, the estrogen hormone in her body plays an essential role in the beneficial adaptations which occur with aerobic training. Therefore, as long as the estrogen levels in a woman’s body stays normal, she will be able to improve her body’s glucose uptake and overall metabolic health. What this basically means is that women have a higher metabolism as compared to men. Nice!

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Fat is the New Fabulous!

The average body fat content of a woman is known to be higher than that of a man. There are a few reasons as to why this is so, and biology happens to be one of them. In general, a woman requires lesser calories per pound of body weight as part of her daily food intake. Additionally, a woman’s hormones allow for an easier conversion of food into fat, thus making her more prone to weight gain as compared to a man. Besides that, a woman who is on birth control pills would need to decrease her calory intake by a minimum of 10% in order to maintain her weight.

Let that inner kid come out to play, ladies, and bounce your way to a fitter, hotter you as you jump on an uber-fun trampoline. Yes, that’s the workout! Burn loads of calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness with each jump bounce as you tighten your glutes, tone your legs, and strengthen your core without causing any harm to your joints. Fat fat, go away, sexy ladies are here to play!


Jumpstarting Muscle Fibres Through Exercise

While a man’s body tends to develop more fast-twitch muscle fibres than slow-twitch muscle fibres, a woman’s body is able to develop both fast and slow-twitch muscle fibres simultaneously. A common attribute which separates both fibres from one another is that fast-twitch fibres are activated during explosive workouts such as high-intensity interval training or sprints, while activation of slow-twitch muscle fibres take place through aerobic exercises such as running, biking and swimming. 

Inspired by various moves from different martial arts practices, such as karate, boxing, Taekwondo and Muay Thai, Body Combat is a workout that ensures a woman leaves each class feeling like a fiercer, fitter and stronger version of herself. Not only that, she will able to burn dem calories, develop agility and speed, apart from toning your legs, arms, back and shoulders. Charlie’s Angels got nothin’ on you ladies!

Women’s bodies are naturally designed to perform steady-rate cardio, controlled-tempo lifts, and higher repetitions with shorter rest periods. Thus, it is important for women to be aware of their physical differences and customise their workout routines accordingly, as it will enable them to realise their full athletic potential.