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Motivate yourself to exercise with these 5-super simple hacks! 


Running out on some fitness motivation could play havoc to your bod, and oh boy, just how! This is the era of omnipresent junk food and ever-increasing stress, so while we understand how difficult it is to fight off these millennial miseries, we perfectly understand how your weight-loss motivation goes for a toss if the slightest of mojo is lost. Your workout sesh is a no-nonsense activity but as the initial excitement fades away, you end up finding excuses and your workout plan goes off the track. But again, it's okay ‘cos if ‘to err is human’, to find solutions is far more human! But, fret not, all you need to do is get a hold of these 5 hacks and we’re sure you can surely hit the reset button with your workout challenge even before you’d know it!


Keep it REAL and SIMPLE

Remember how excited you were when you first enrolled at a health club, started lifting weights and swore to follow that magical diet?? But it did not last long. Now, that calls for an introspection! Well, to begin with, try answering these--was your weight-loss goal realistic? Was your diet plan easy to follow? Did you find your workout interesting or was that the reason to bore the hell out of you? If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘No’, it’s time to restructure your weight-loss plan. We suggest, don’t ever aim for a ‘magical’ transformation, understand your body first and set REAL and SIMPLE goals. When your goal is clear and easy to follow, chances are higher that you will stick to your workout routine and smash it harder than you’d know!


The word is NEW!

You can work on your body, lose weight and tone it up in a number of ways, then why stick to that lifeless piece of workout? Change is a must! You can try a completely different form of exercise. To boost low workout motivation, you can enter a NEW workout programme, it can be a boxing lesson, yoga or any other fun way to burn calories.


Time for some chill

Your life is always in a fast lane and it can get one helluva stressful routine, especially if you didn’t hit the gym! But wait, what you now gotta do is take a chill pill. You must recover first! When you rest, your mind and body get re-energised. It will eventually bring out the best in you, you will again feel motivated to hit it out harder this time around so sometimes, take it easy. Also, what’s the point of losing all that chutzpah? 😉


When did you last reward yourself?

Weight-loss is not a destination, it is a journey. And you should reward yourself for every milestone, for every small victory. If your clothes are getting looser, you are able to control your diet and you are feeling energised, then it’s a victory, it’s time for a reward! Gift yourself a new sports tee or a fitness band! Can you think of any such healthy rewards? If you do, first learn to reward yourself with it and then also share that kickass piece of info with your kith and kin! Afterall, they’re part of your #HustleTogether tribe!



Well, a foodie is not someone who is only fond of delicacies, but a foodie is someone who chooses the right food, right for his/her body. And nutritional food can be delish too! You can discover new and healthy recipes to add to your daily diet plan. Treating yourself to a healthy delicacy is a pure form of some much-needed TLC (tender-love-care, anyone?) Once in a while, you will end up in a laze-around-mood, but don’t let it derail your efforts. Make ‘never give up’ your life’s motto!