Fitness communities are all the rage these days and for good reasons too


Nobody wants to be #foreveralone, so over the years we might have tried to find a friend or two to work out with, for the company. After all, we know that there are many benefits to working out with a group of people. Imagine what it will be like if you had a whole fitness community to turn to? Whether online or in person, a good community can play the part of your chosen family – grow together and bring out the best in each other. #goteam


We Belong Together

One of the main benefits of being part of a fitness community is exactly what it say: you get to feel like you belong to a community. This means that each time you work out, you’ll be looking out for each other. “See you later, this evening?” in a text from a member of you community can be a great motivator – especially on days where you need that extra bit of motivation to head to the gym. Your community can be made out of a diverse set of people – your regular workout buddy, a personal trainer, or other regulars who work out at the gym or take classes with you at Celebrity Fitness.


I’ll Be There For you

Some of the best fitness communities have longevity because you become more than workout buddies – you end up being friends and exercising together is part of a larger social experience. You’re not just different people who happen to be at the gym at the same time, but you become part of a group of likeminded folks who have common interests – exercise and health! This has direct fitness benefits: if you’re around people who enjoy working out (instead of a friend who dreads it), it will drive you to work out harder as well. Good friends also keep you accountable!


All For One, One For All

When you become part of a community, you will definitely start to encourage and cheer each other on through difficult times. In fitness, this means that you’ll always have your cheerleaders on the side to help you push yourself just that little bit further. Familiar faces are great for this – you’re more comfortable in their company but they’ve also been there through your progress and growth to know just how much you can take. This camaraderie goes beyond challenging obstacles in the gym – if you’ve had a tough day at work, you’ve got a community of friends to unload to and work off the stress with.


A Support Group

There are some days when a visit to the gym just doesn’t seem to be working out. If this keeps going on, you might just think that you’re not getting the benefits you hope for and then let things fizzle out. Being part of a fitness communities means you have supporters – both online and in person – to help you identify what is the issue you are facing. Maybe you’re using an equipment wrong, or you’re going too hard too fast. A group community made up of trainers and team mates may spots things about your fitness routines that you can’t see. Best of all, they can also help you measure your progress and you build the confidence you need.