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Not losing weight despite working out daily and eating healthy? Here’swhat you need to know! 

Do you often feel that despite eating well and working out, you still aren’t losing weight? The fact is that eating well and exercising often is a very subjective and relative statement. So, fret not!

Total-body wellness is a lifestyle you choose to make for yourself. Fat loss will happen when you choose an activity you like and enjoy, ditch the scale and eat food to fuel your body instead of eating to feed your emotions. If you feel you are not losing weight despite eating healthy and exercising daily, here are 5 good reasons which could be the culprits behind such a slump!


Mindful eating, anyone?

If you haven’t lost adequate weight, you need to look into your plate first. Yes, that’s right, you damn food plate is to be blamed. Sometimes you tend to focus only on losing weight and not on the type or amount of food you put into your body. While the quantity of food you require depend totally on your body type and exercise regime, you should actively practice portion control and mindful eating. Consume most of your starchy carbs on days when you exercise more rigorously. On days of light cardio, stick to high proteins and vegetables. Avoid bakery products, sugar, alcohol, packaged foods, etc. Eat whole foods and high proteins to build muscles and lose fat. It’s quite easy, the trashier stuff you put in your body, the more it shows on the outside. Get the drift?


Not resting enough

Once you establish a workout routine, you need to alternate it properly giving your body one day of light cardio and stretching and another day of heavy rigorous exercises. Listen to your body, push yourself but do not overdo it.

Not downing H20 like it’s your lifeline -

Drinking water is essential for normal body functioning. Drinking water helps to boost your metabolism and reduce your calories. Water is an important component of your body. If you do not drink enough water before and after your exercise, you will get dehydrated and exhausted.


Get some zzz back

Irregular sleeping habits and lack of proper sleep can lead to continuous weight gain. Sleeplessness is a major risk factor for obesity. Sleep and adequate rest are both super-duper imp and you can’t not give that to yourself!



Your body reacts to stress immediately. Exercise is a stressor for your body which when balanced you will remain healthy. If you do not give enough recovery time for your body then it can have a negative effect which causes excessive production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Negative effect of cortisol is to store stubborn fat in unwanted areas. If you are stressed at work or something is keeping you mentally and emotionally unhappy and worried, your body produces excessive cortisol leading to increased weight gain.How can you stay fit?


Along with a proper customised healthy diet from a personal trainer or dietician, you could try some of our coolest classes like Fast Fit, Playground, Peloton and even some fun dance classes to keep boredom miles away!