5 Myths and Facts About Sports You Need to Know!


Exercise is an important activity to do to maintain physical and mental health. To get the best results, exercise must be performed correctly. Unfortunately, there are so many myths about sports that cause misunderstandings. What are the myths and what are the actual facts? Here's the full explanation!


Myth 1: Cardio is the best exercise for weight loss

The most widely believed myth is that cardio is the best form of exercise for weight loss. In fact, there are many factors that affect sooner or later a person can lose weight such as their diet, exercise routine, sleeping habits, to the quality of the body's metabolism. Cardio isn't the only way to lose weight. For best results, combine a balanced diet, weight training, and cardio.


Myth 2: Rest days are not important

Wrong! Rest days or rest days are actually important to get the best workout results. The body needs rest to repair muscle tissue damaged by weight training. You must also be aware that overtraining can lead to boredom and, in the worst cases, can be fatal due to injury or cramps. There needs to be a balance between exercise and rest. After weight training, a day or two of rest is all your body and mind need to recover.


Myth 3: Morning is the best time to exercise

While it's not entirely wrong, in fact there is no specific recommended time to exercise. That is, the best time to exercise is the time when you can train optimally and consistently. Exercising in the morning helps increase the body's metabolism, improves blood circulation, and helps you focus more on going through the day. While practicing at night can increase sleepiness and get a restful sleep.


Myth 4: Sit ups and crunches can make your stomach six packs

Many people believe that if you routinely perform sit-ups and crunches, you may simply have six packs. In actuality, these exercises accomplish nothing more than tone the stomach muscles and burn the meager calories that collect there. Sixpacks stomach cannot be obtained only by doing sit ups and crunches. It takes consistency to maintain a diet and enough cardio exercise to get the ideal stomach shape.


Myth 5: Men and women exercise in different ways

Physical activities such as lifting weights and cardio aim to strengthen the body's immune system, shape the body, and achieve the ideal body weight. This has nothing to do with gender. There is nothing wrong if women do weightlifting. In fact, men produce more testosterone than women. This hormone is used to build large amounts of muscle. Therefore, women who do weight training do not have to worry about their bodies getting bigger.