Maximize Your Workout’s Result: Here What to Do!


We have already understood that physical activities play important roles in our well-being. But more doesn’t always mean good. To reach your fitness goal, you will need good train but also rest. Find out how to optimize your rest day for your workout’s results!


Basically, a rest day is one day that you rest your body from physical exercise. This is a time when you can take a break from your regular workout to allow your mind and body to recover. Here are some practical activities to do to maximize your fitness result by winding up.


Stay active!

You still can do some light exercise or stretch despite the tense workout you usually do on your training day. Cardio and yoga can be your alternative activities to rejuvenate and incorporate mindfulness while promoting recovery. Stretching can be extremely useful for reducing all the pains produced on your training day and keeping muscles healthy, as well as improving dexterity and flexibility.


Consume Protein

The food that you consume during rest days is as important as your meal during your ‘regular day’, especially when you have a fitness goal to reach. Researchers also suggest eating an adequate amount of protein during your rest day to repair your sore muscles. Choosing the right food to consume on your rest day may not only be good for your muscles growth but also give your body nutrients and maintain your balanced diet. And also, do not forget to drink plenty of water to flush toxins from your body.


Rest Day, Lazy Day

Intense and progressive workouts require stamina and mental toughness. When you train, it is not only your body that working hard, it can really overtire your brain as well. Spending a day away from your typical training environment can give you a psychological break from exercise that will calm your mind. That is okay to be lazy sometimes!