The Star Habit: 5 Pro Tips to Build Resilience

The Star Habit: 5 Pro Tips to Build Resilience


At this moment, the world seems to be not easy to handle. You, your friends, or someone you know may have experienced life-altering moments, broken hearts, or even upsetting experiences. Each moment in life affects people differently and brings a unique memory to help them overcome every day’s difficulties. Our ability to adapt and bounce back the things don’t go as we planned is called resilience.


You may have ever heard a story of a prolific inventor, Thomas Alfa Edison, who failed more than a thousand times to create his invention. His resilience resulted in the most important invention in the 20th century that we still use today. It is actually so hard to imagine if Alfa Edison had given up his hard work because of several failures.


Our resilience may take us to the point where we can understand our personality and capability to overcome many obstacles in life. Today, we are counting down 5 pro tips to build resilience.


Resilient people view difficulty as a challenge

As the old saying says, “There are hundreds of failures behind one success.” Rather than seeing one problem as an oppressive opposition, people with resilient personalities see the problem as an opportunity to challenge themselves to do better in their job. This simple mindset will give you a valuable lesson that difficulty exists to make you learn and grow. And… always remember our motto #everydayIgetbetter!


Resilient people have realistic goals

And they know to achieve those goals. Having sky-high dreams is always a good thing, but resilient people know how to find the balance between healthy self-improvement and attainable self-expectation. This is how you set up a realistic goal:


First, think about what you want to do with your life and identify the large-scale goals that you want to achieve. Next step, you break down these goals into smaller and smaller achievements that you can reach within a short period of time. Lastly, when you have your little goals to achieve, all you need to do is to be disciplined to achieve those little goals until you reach your bigger achievements.


Resilient people believe in their powers

It is common for people to lose faith in themselves when encountering failures and difficulties. But the thing will get worse if you let people feel superior to you as it may result in occurring fatal insecurities. To be resilient means you have to trust your power, and to do this, you must accept who you are and acknowledge your accomplishment.


Unleash your star within

Yes! Our motto is designed for you to be more confident and resilient. We want you to believe in yourself that you can be anything (or anyone? It’s up to you!) you want. No matter how gifted a dancer you may be, you will never truly know until you unleash your potentials. All you have to do is believe that you are what you choose to be.


Resilient people know the importance of taking care of their health

Yes, of course. We have told you many many times and we are going to tell you again: A healthy mindset comes from a healthy lifestyle. This is a legitimate practice for building a resilient personality. Having this thought in mind will stimulate you to keep physically active and force you to attain your greatest well-being.